Freakin’ Friday Motes

Just freakin’ wrong: A judge in Texas granted full custody of a nine-year-old boy to his mother, who for the past several years has sought to force the child to be transgender despite protests by the boy’s father. she is granted the ability to consent to medical procedures, hormone-suppression therapy, and puberty blockers. The BOY is nine, this has been going on for “several years”. This is not the child’s choice. He is too damn young to decide he is a “girl”. This is child abuse and torture, plain and simple. This all got started when the father “failed to timely make the payments of child support, medical support and interest as ordered and only paid his past due support after the motion for enforcement was filed”. She is being allowed to DESTROY this child, mentally and physically, out of a vendetta against her ex-husband. She is unfit to be a mother. And the courts allowing this are unfit. For anything.

Say it ain’t so McDougal: Scottish distiller unveiled its new environmentally friendly delivery trucks that run on whiskey waste products, Glenfiddich plans to use low emission biogas produced by waste materials from the malting process. The distillery guarantees it won’t affect the taste of their whiskey. Promise?

Headlines, not pertinent: “Colorado Woman Allegedly Killed by Trump-Loving Hubby Had an Affair, Cops Testify” Suzanne Morphew confided in her best friend that she was fearful of her “Jekyl and Hyde” husband, who prosecutors allege murdered her last May. It actually turns out she was the one having an affair. It’s 873 words into a 960 word article before they say anything about the husband supporting President Trump. He allegedly cast a ballot in his wife’s name. He has been charged, for voter fraud, but after he was arrested for her murder. The point I make, who they voted for had absolutely nothing to do with the murder. Except the MSM headline seems to indicate otherwise. Oh, and there was no fraud.

No Amendment is absolute: Tuesday, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci addressed the push to get everyone vaccinated, including mandates, to stem more spikes in coronavirus cases. Fauci said that he “can understand the need for people’s personal liberties” but argued that the ongoing pandemic “is a very unusual time in our history.” He said that is why the nation’s leaders are using “whatever means necessary” to get people vaccinated. I would like to remind you, this guy was not elected to anything, he is a Federal Employee.  He has no authority to make law, mandate, or ignore the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Yet here he is, saying we must give up our “personal liberties” because it is an “unusual time”. This is the time to exert them even more. “He who surrenders his freedom for security, will have neither.”

Nobody saw nuttin’: A Brooklyn woman has been hunted down and executed by members of a New York City gang who she testified against four years ago. Shatavia Walls, 33, was shot dead in the Louis H. Pink Houses, a housing authority complex, in East New York, Prosecutors say she was targeted by four members of the Ninedee Gang, which operates out of the housing complex. Walls had testified about being shot earlier this year by members of the gang in a different incident which she survived. At the time of her testimony, she faced public humiliation in her building after gang members posted flyers that labeled her a ‘rat’ throughout the complex. And they wonder why nobody will testify or “witness”. There appears no info on any security she was provided.

Just the close family: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was disinvited from Barack Obama’s extravagant birthday party after the former president ‘scaled back’ the gala. Pelosi didn’t make the cut after Obama scaled back his party to about 300-400 people. It’s okay Nan, I didn’t get invited either.

In Hilo this weekend. More on that later.

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