Monday Motes, What Else Matters?

WTF is wrong with people: A ten-year-old Elizabethton, Tennessee girl was lured to a neighbor’s home by being invited to come play. Instead, she was tortured and held captive by two teenagers for five hours, while their mother allegedly filmed the violence. The mother of at least one of the girls is accused of filming the torture and posting it to social media. Photos show marks that look like the little girl was bound and whipped. The Elizabethton Police Department came under intense scrutiny over the incident due to the fact that they’d responded to the victim’s home on the day of the incident but didn’t enact any arrests until four days afterward. The mother that recorded the incident has NOT been arrested. All for “Social media likes”. These teenagers need to be taken away, given some mental help, and “mom” needs to go away for a long time. In five hours, she screwed up 5 lives forever. 

 Leave the wolves alone: You’ll hear it at night. It starts as a single note, deep and mournful, then climbs in volume and complexity as at least one other wolf joined in, their melody lines crossing, inadvertently forming ominous chords as they passed. Right now  scientists and wildlife managers in Wisconson are  seeking to understand how many of the animals remain after the state’s rushed February hunt, when participants blew past a quota of 119 wolves and killed 218 in just 63 hours. Another hunt is coming this fall, as mandated by the state legislature, and its quota will be based on estimates of the surviving population. In the first hunt, everything was on the hunters’ side. The first two mornings of the hunt dawned with fresh-fallen snow, ideal for tracking. Wolves were in the peak of their breeding season, so they were active on the trails, marking their territories. All this because the wolves did what wolves do, they ate a couple of cows, lambs, and some hunting dogs. This hunt isn’t natural selection, this is going to destroy the packs. This will have dire consequences, for wolves and man.

Another Celeb I don’t listen to: Charles Barkley said in an article published Wednesday that he is vaccinated and feels that all Americans should follow suit. “Everybody should be vaccinated. Period,” he said, adding, “The only people who are not vaccinated are just assholes.” Okay, can anyone explain to me why I should give a rosy, red, rats butt what Charles Barkley thinks? Anyone? He don’t pay my bills, he ain’t my neighbor, and yet I should care that he thinks I’m an asshole. Nope, don’t care.

Not watching: The Olympic Games were originally the “non-lethal” testing games for “warriors”. Now, it’s just an international “look at me”. If you look, you could see where the games came from. Running, swimming, skiing, cycling, jumping, throwing, hell, I can even see rowing as a “warrior” skill. There no longer seems to be any pride in country from the athletes and it is simply somewhere they can be “on stage”. I have no interest or desire to watch most sports anymore, and even less in the Olympics. That’s just me.  Well, maybe a lot of others as the viewership is the smallest in 30+ years.

Very hard to come to work today. Hard to even come back to Oahu in fact. With the flip-flopping on mask wearing, the return of the inter-island crap cannot be far behind. I’m thinking I’ve about had it. I do plan to retire 9-2022, but I could decide to stop putting up with all this crap and pull the trigger sooner. Understand, this crap has nothing to do with health or Covid, and everything about power.

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