Sunday Rant

Leadership? NO.

U.S. Major General Patrick Donahoe recently became enraged on Twitter after Josiah Lippincott, a Hillsdale College PhD student and former member of the U.S. Marine Corps Artillery, questioned his hysterical attempts to promote the COVID vaccine.

Rather than thoughtfully debate Lippincott on the merits of his argument, Donahoe lashed out, going so far as to demand that Lippincott’s academic institution censor his speech. “Hey @Hillsdale come get your boy,” Donahoe whined.

As the commanding general of Fort Benning, which straddles the Alabama-Georgia border, Donahoe has repeatedly promoted the COVID therapeutic vaccines via his official Twitter account. Lippincott pushed back against his fear-mongering quoting figures on “Suicide-v-Covid” deaths. The lockdowns, liberty restrictions, quarantines, and general disruption of servicemember lives is a way bigger killer than the virus.” 

Rather than substantively respond to Lippincott’s assertions (or just diplomatically move on), Donahoe called for Hillsdale College to presumably to shut him up. He proceeded to block Lippincott’s Twitter account.

This is a leader?  

Not only was this behavior childish and unbecoming of a military leader, just why is a Maj. Gen. posting crap on twitter? Doesn’t he have enough work?

Maybe he could spend some time on the range, the obstacle course, or just talking with “his” troops. He is supposed to be a real warrior, not a keyboard commando. When the shat hits the fan, and it will very soon, the U.S. will need real leadership, not political buffoons.

Leaders like this man will get troops killed and never lose a minute of sleep.

General Donahoe, you are a disgrace.

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