Friday, Happy Day, Motes

The .gov is not your friend: David Chipman, President Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF), has publicly stated that it is frustrating the U.S. government cannot violate people’s right to bear arms if they use “hate speech” on the internet. Chipman, a registered gun lobbyist who has been widely opposed by Second Amendment groups. This is the guy that cannot define “assault weapon” or “hate speech”. Under his leadership, the BATFE will take red flag laws to new heights. All it will take is a person be offended (real or imagined), a phone call, and you will lose your rights. All of them. You will become an accused felon, and possibly end up doing time. All because someone didn’t like your bumper sticker.  

The enemy of my enemy: Russia said on Wednesday it was beefing up the combat capabilities of its military base in Tajikistan and training local soldiers, as Moscow warned that Islamic State militants were moving into neighboring Afghanistan. The U.S. withdrawal has prompted Moscow to prepare for a potentially major security challenge on the edge of its Muslim-majority Central Asian backyard. Wait a minute, didn’t someone claim the Russians were “paying bounties” to ISIS? Now they are enemies? Score card needed here.

Sad Good-Bye: ZZ Top’s longtime bassist, Dusty Hill, 72, has died. Dusty passed away at his home in Houston, TX. The group is known for hits like “Gimme All Your Lovin’,” as well as others like “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Legs,” “Got Me Under Pressure” and more. He, his beard, and his talent will be missed.

Their rights are more important than your rights: Controversial “animal rights” organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have seized six chimps from their safe sanctuary home in Missouri despite warnings from their veterinarian and from primate experts that such a move would place them in “grave danger.” The chimp’s owner and caretaker Tonia Haddix has been trying to block the seizure. The private organization arrived to seize the chimps on Wednesday morning with a caravan of approximately 20 US Marshals who searched the place prior to their arrival. Haddix was ordered not to tell anyone when they were coming and had to be two miles away from the property when they took them. The judge declared that they would not be allowed to film the “animal rights” group shooting the chimps with tranquilizer darts and tearing them from their homes. Haddix was ordered to hand six beloved chimps earlier this month, even though three chimps that PETA obtained through a similar lawsuit were killed at the sanctuary the organization sent them to last year. Just some additional information; PETA spends less than one percent of its multi-million- dollar budget actually helping animals; PETA’s leadership has compared animal farmers to serial killer (and cannibal) Jeffrey Dahmer; PETA’s website for kids puts skull and crossbones next to the logo of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They’ve never seen a dime of my money and never will. They are not about “animal rights”. They are all about “power”.

Yes, I am going to watch;” Ghostbusters: Afterlife”. Yes.

Back to Hilo this weekend. I’m going to…… Ah, hell, you know what I going to do. Stay safe.

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