It’s Motes For Wednesday

The poor work and work. The rich exploit the poor. The soldier protects both. The taxpayer pays for all three. The banker robs all four. The lawyer misleads all five. The Doctor bills all six. The goons scare all seven. The politician lives happily because of all eight.           Written 43 BC  Marcus Cicero

I have an answer: Armed bandits in Nigeria have seized a negotiator who had been sent to pay ransom money to secure the release of 136 students kidnapped two months ago from an Islamic school in the north of the African nation. The school and parents have been negotiating with the kidnappers who demanded 30 million naira ($72,993) to release the students from the school in Nigeria’s Niger state. They said the negotiator was taken because kidnappers said the ransom he brought was short. The police did not respond to a request for comment.  These families are now ruined. They have sold everything and have nothing. Perhaps it is time for a “private military” group to come in and handle. You know, like in the movies; hunt them down, identify them, and publicly and harshly punish. They have to make it too “costly” for them to do business.

Positively biblical: Just before 1 a.m. Monday, investigators say the man started firing at a crowd in Fort Worth’s Como neighborhood on the southwest side. One person died in the shooting and two others were hurt but are expected to survive. The crowd then started throwing gardening stones and killed the gunman. They stoned the gunman to death. I like it.

Chicago; 70 shot, 12 dead.

They are dishonest: A recent “Gallup Poll”, the headline announced “62% of America says Biden Doing A Good Job”. I looked a little deeper. The “poll base” consisted of 1,387 people. Using old math that means .0000045454 % of America was polled. That is what they based their headline on. That isn’t honest by any stretch of the imagination.

Cult status: If you’re a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy”, you may have caught the one quick visual moment of one of my favorite characters, “Howard The Duck”. The 1986 film was less than stellar but has since gained cult status. A recent gizmodo article says the late Robin Williams was supposed to be the voice of Howard but walked out. The original is available on Amazon Prime. A great beer drinking, doing nothing Saturday afternoon kind of movie.

As if: If you have any questions regarding Pelosi’s “Jan 6” investigation, she dismissed the Republican members, chosen by the Republicans.  (bi·par·ti·san; /bīˈpärdəzən/; adjective; involving the agreement or cooperation of two political parties that usually oppose each other’s policies.) She does not want anything but her way. Pretty damn arrogant from a “elected” professional congresscritter. She seems to truly believe she is in charge, of everything.

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