Right Up The Middle Motes

Two down, and eight to go: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday doubled down on the government’s censorship of Americans. Last Thursday the White House spokesperson casually admitted the federal .gov is censoring American citizens and flagging “problematic” social media posts. Like Uncle Joe said in rolling out a set of executive orders “no amendment is absolute.” So much for your 1st Amendment. On Friday, Jen Psaki took it to another level and said Americans who post “misinformation” should be completely unpersoned and should have no access to any online platforms. One and done sort of thing. I’d say yes , if the same rules apply to ALL posters. But you know it won’t. The Biden Administration is publicly admitting that Americans who do not fall in line with their agenda do not have the right to participate in the exchange of commerce and ideas online. So that’s the First and Second amendments Uncle Joe feels aren’t absolute.

We don’t need no stinkin’ facts: There are serious discrepancies in the “testimony” of Dr. Jonathan Ambrose McGreevy aka @JohnHereToHelp aka Ryan Dark White that are shaking the conspiracy tree and generating a bit of criticism. There are those who insist–without offering one shred of evidence beyond the words of Ryan Dark White–that White’s allegations must be investigated without worrying about documentary evidence that White is not telling the truth. See it here. (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/questioning-credibility-dr-jonathan-mcgreevy/)       McGreevy has laid out some serious accusations against former V-P Pence, active fbi and dea agents, a Supreme Court Justice, and used today’s baba yaga word, “Pedophile”, to link them all together. Without providing one shred of evidence. But many of his lies about himself are easily provable.

Everybody is eager to know the outcome of the several states “audits”. I repeat my comments; If there is 1 proven fraudulent vote, is that enough to trigger a new election? How about 10,000? 100,000? How much fraud is acceptable?

No good deed goes unpunished:  A woman who opened up her Georgia home to a homeless man was paid back with a serious injury when he stabbed her in the neck, police said. Witnesses told investigators that the woman was trying to kick the man out of her home after letting him live there for a while. When she stood in the doorway to keep him out, he stabbed her in the neck and fled the scene. I’ve done the same with three “friends”; One stole from me, one just disappeared, and one got his life together. At least none of them stabbed me.

Sentenced :“ Hollywood Ripper” Michael Gargiula was sentenced to death Friday for the home-invasion murders of two women. Gargiulo, 45, a former bouncer, air-conditioner repairman and aspiring actor, was convicted in August 2019 of the 2001 murder of Ashley Ellerin,22, and the 2005 murder of Maria Bruno ,32. Gargiulo is expected to be extradited to Illinois to stand trial for the 1993 slaying of 18-year-old Tricia Pacaccio. My prediction, he’ll die in prison. It took 15 years to convict him, it’ll take that many more for all his ”legal appeals”. They won’t execute him, not in Calipornia, but at least he’ll never see the outside of those prison walls

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