Tuesday Motes To Ponder

Never thought I’d see it: Last Thursday was a historic day for the U.S. military’s special operations community as a woman became the Navy’s first female special operator. She endured 37 weeks of training that involves extensive running, swimming, and other exercises conducted in all weather conditions and with very little sleep. If she finished that course, she can handle anything. Hoora.

Wants to be governor: Vickey Cayetano has announced she is running for Governor of the state of Hawaii. She attended Stanford University in California but did not graduate.  In 1988, she helped to start United Laundry Company to service hotels and hospitals, eventually becoming president and CEO.   She and then Governor Ben Cayetano were married on May 5, 1997. What’s missing here? Besides experience, qualifications, and well, any idea what’s going on.

Unbelievable: I do not have the words to express what I feel about what is happening in South Africa. Last night I watched a video of a pair of white farmers were stopped at an makeshift checkpoint, pulled from their vehicles, beaten with clubs (it appeared to be the traditional “Knobberri” stick) and when they tried to climb back into their vehicles, a young African male began to literally whip them with a stock drivers whip. Their trucks were then stolen. South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa has said the violence that has rocked the country was pre-planned, describing it as an assault on democracy. The death toll has risen to 212. An estimated $1bn (£720m) worth of stock was stolen in KwaZulu-Natal with at least 800 retail shops looted. It all started when former President Zuma handed himself in to police to serve a 15-month sentence for “contempt of court”. Zuma’s supporters reacted furiously to his imprisonment, blockading major roads and calling for a shutdown to demand his release. BAWA

Those were the days: Last Friday would have been the 71st birthday for homegrown funny man Rap Reiplinger. A local station played a number of his bits during the morning show. It all brought me back to the mid-70’s and the “Territorial Tavern” on Bishop Street. It was there you could see and hear Leon and Malia, Kimo Kahuano, and of course Rap, James Grant Benton, and Ed Kaahea, collectively known as Boog Booga. The Tavern was on my downtown patrol beat and they were always good for a cup of coffee, and a song or laugh. I once brought leis to Leon and Malia on an opening night. I was in uniform, I had called off on my lunch break, got a nice mention in the local newspaper, and a 1 day suspension from the Major with no sense of humor or appreciation for fan loyalty.

How come Social Security, which employed people pay into, is going broke, but Welfare, which is totally paid for by the state, isn’t? Why is that?

That’s how it should be done:  A Michigan business owner tracked down a car that was stolen from her and then took matters into her own hands, dragging the man she believed took the vehicle from a barbershop chair by his dreadlocks. Bianca Chambers shares the Mercedes-Benz with her boyfriend. When the car went missing she posted about it on social media, tracked it down for three days through tips about where it had been. Chambers called police each time she found it, but the thief kept getting away. On Wednesday, she found the vehicle and slashed all four tires and confronted the person who had been driving it. She confronted the teen thief, dragged him outside by his hair, and waited for the police to finally respond.The teen accused of stealing her car said he will not press charges against Chambers for the physical altercation. That’s really nice coming from a THIEF. That’s what we all should do; Track ‘em down, publicly identify them, and then publicly, harshly punish them.

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