Moting Down A Thursday Stream

Go with your strengths: Hollywood star and pop singer Cher has once again launched an unhinged rant, calling the United States “vile” and “racist” . her fired off her latest rant on Monday, warning the U.S. “will remain a vile, racist country forever” unless “monumental” changes are made immediately. Hey Cher baby, please stick to what you know, singing and saving elephants.

I won’t be watching: Anti-Trump actor Kumail Nanjiani has been tapped as the lead in an upcoming FX miniseries based on the best-selling book, Homeland Elegies, a story that follows the lives of Muslims in a post-9/11 and post-Trump America. Nor will I be taking in the “Cosby Is Back” tour, if there is one.

It ain’t rocket surgery:  Former interim DNC chair Donna Brazile said on ABC “This Week” on Sunday: “I’m an election official, ok? And if I began to give people access to the ballot through online applications for absentee ballots, I can be arrested. It’s criminalizing voting in ways we should not criminalize voting.” This is not complicated. If you violate election laws passed by the duly elected legislature, what you’re doing is illegal. Well, yes. If you break the law, you  are a criminal.

Trust ‘em, nope: Somebody should tell the fbi they live in the United States of America. It’s getting more difficult by the day to recognize our beloved country. For example, here is a little something from the FBI’s Twitter account: Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. Help prevent homegrown violent extremism. Visit to learn how to spot suspicious behaviors and report them to the #FBI. #NatSec. So now, they want you to snitch out your family for “homegrown violent extremism”. Does that include the family members of the “Rise of the Moor’s” gun toting black nationalists? Doubt it. Trust the fbi? NOPE

She’s everywhere: Tried watching some Native American hip hop on YouTube the other day, but it got spoiled.  It was an ad by Stacy Abrams telling me what awful people Republicans are. I didn’t see any ads by Republicans, but YouTube is all for “free-speech”.

A sad Good-Bye: Charlie Robinson known for playing “Mac” the court clerk in the 1980s and ’90s sitcom “Night Court,” died on Sunday in Los Angeles due to cardiac arrest and cancer. He was 75. One of my all-time favorites shows. I still watch the dvd’s. Mac was the steady factor in the chaos that was Harry Anderson’s courtroom. Robinson’s steady performances and talent will be missed.

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