Motes For The Middle Of Our Week

No, Cosby was not vindicated. His conviction was overturned due to bad evidence admitted wrongly by a judge. A procedural error. He was NOT found “not guilty” or “innocent”.

It is deep: Russia and China are coordinating military exercises to threaten not only Taiwan but also Hawaii, according to a senior Japanese defense official who warned the United States to beware of a Pearl Harbor-style surprise attack. I hope everyone appreciates the irony of Japan warning the US about a surprise attack to Pearl Harbor.

Hey LAPD: There is no such thing as a controlled explosion. Just like there is no “friendly fire”. It will all hurt you.

It’s rhetorical, not a challenge: How stupoid do you have to be to walk around wearing OMG (Outlaw Motorcycle Gang) patches, from 2 different clubs, on the same “cut”, in the clubs territory, and not be a member? That’s what a guy in Indiana did. And everybody is surprised when several patched members, from both clubs, pay a visit. The visit did not go well, for anyone. The subsequent shootout had only one casualty, according to police: Dustin Lindner, 35, one of the suspected gang members who had participated in the raid. You can be sure this isn’t over for them.

Won’t work: From the start of October cat owned families will be subject to a “24-hour cat curfew” in one municipality in the Australian city of Melbourne. Introduced by the Knox City Council, the new rule will require owners to keep their cats on their property at all times. “When allowed to roam, cats are at a much higher risk of illness and injury,” Mayor Lisa Cooper said. The new restriction is no without its opposition. “Knox Council needs to be more considerate of the well-being and basic rights of older cats,” said one petition. “Basic rights of cats”?  WTF. Have you ever tried to keep a cat from doing something it wanted to do. Good luck on that.

Suicide by stupid: A dummy pretending to be a motorcycle rider, splitting lanes, was miffed when an SUV driver didn’t see him and changed lanes in front of him. I call him a dummy because he surges forward, gets in front of the SUV, stops with the bike blocking the lane, and proceeds to pull and point a gun at the SUV driver. This is not done in polite society. The SUV driver told the rider to not point the gun, there were tender aged children in the vehicle. The rider continued to threaten so the SUV driver did what he was taught; he drew, aimed, and shot the dummy dead. The motorcycle rider violated all 4 firearms rules, the driver violated none. No charges have been filed. As it should be. No man points a weapon at you without just cause, or not suffering righteous punishment.

A sad Good-Bye: An iconic Native Hawaiian scholar and activist, Haunani-Kay Trask, has died Saturday morning, according to family, friends and the University of Hawaii. Trask was most well-known in the community for her activism, especially for her work in promoting Native Hawaiian rights and indigenous sovereignty. Tenured as a professor for more than 30 years at the UH Manoa, Trask worked in co-founding the contemporary field of Hawaiian studies. During the 1970’s I had several incidents in which I interacted with Ms. Trask. I found her to be polite but incredibly real in her activism. She really believed in her cause and wasn’t just mouthing bumper-sticker slogans. Her love of her people, and her deep convictions will be missed.

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