Second Monday Motes

Yeah, that was front page: “The CDC also admitted last week that more people young people have been hospitalized from the COVID vaccine than from the COVID virus.” Oh wait, no it wasn’t.

Is it just me: I remember when teachers were supposed to teach reading, writing, math, science, history, and not indoctrinate students on race relations, or sexual selection. They taught you HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

Justice in not equal, but really blind: A vehicle Minneapolis City Council member Andrea Jenkins was in was blocked by Black Lives Matter extremists until she agreed to sign a statement agreeing that rioters would not be charged. The media has completely ignored this incident, which many are describing as a hostage situation. Jenkins is a Black Lives Matter activist herself, but that did not stop the mob from berating her for not doing enough to comply with their demands. Jenkins signed the statement as tension between the BLM mob and the white woman driving began to escalate. It would appear that if you have a big enough mob, or the right political connections, laws don’t apply to you.

Just thinking: Are there any white “fathers” or “husbands” on television that are strong, caring, and intelligent. I couldn’t think of any either. No, throwing 4 touch-down passes in one high school football game doesn’t count as “strong”, sit down Al.

Second class citizens: In a unanimous vote Tuesday night, San Jose’s city council approved a national first that will see gun owners being forced to compensate taxpayers for the spiraling costs of gun violence. The gun owners in California’s third-largest city will be required to take out liability insurance for their firearms and pay an annual tax that will help fund emergency responses to gun-related calls. The move is expected to face legal challenges from gun-rights groups. Ya think? This will not stop a single act of “gun violence”. What it does do, is financially punish people that don’t commit illegal acts. We fought one war over unfair taxation, maybe time for another one.

Okay, here’s MY position: The National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner does not speak “for Black Americans”. It also doesn’t “speak for” White Americans, Brown Americans, Yellow Americans, or Red Americans. It speaks for AMERICANS. If you think you are something else, or a hyphen-American, go away. You don’t like it, don’t stay, don’t take U.S. .gov money, don’t join the U.S. Olympic anything, and don’t claim you are an American Patriot. You’re not. MY position.

Drive electric for the planet: A raging industrial fire at an old paper mill in Illinois has prompted at least 1,000 home evacuations as toxic fumes spew into the air.  For the second day, clouds of smoke filled the air in Morris as 180,000 to 200,000 pounds of lithium batteries continue to explode. The fire started on Tuesday at the old Federal Paper Board building where batteries ranging in size from cell phones to bigger than car batteries were located. “As they get wet, they short out and they ignite and explode. That is the problem we are having,” Crews and the city were unaware of the batteries when firefighters first responded and were told to stand by and wait for the blaze to go out on its own due to the fear of igniting more batteries with water.

Gas, 6/30/21

Up $.35 per gallon since 4/4/21. What are you paying?

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