Thursday, Almost Friday, Motes

I’ve seen this one: Recently an envelope of British classified documents was found at a “bus stop”. The government has said it is carrying out a thorough investigation into how classified defense documents were found at a bus stop in Kent. The user of a “dead drop” is a staple of spy movies. It appeared to “be a mistake made by a senior official, and the person’s access to sensitive material has been temporarily suspended”. A “mistake”? “Temporarily suspended”? This leaves so many questions. Why was he carrying them? Why were they in an ordinary envelope?  This should be a career ender.

I will not name the “USA” Team member that turned their back during the national anthem. If you don’t like the anthem, go play or participate in sports for some other country. Just go away. It’s not all about you. I don’t care how much Uncle Joe admires you.

We don’t need no stinkin’ proof: Maxine Waters: GOP, Fox News Can’t Make 1/6 Investigation Go Away — Dems Will ‘Move Forward’. In other words, “we’ll look and investigate until we find some way to blame Trump”.

Not my wish:  The Make-a-Wish Foundation, is an organization that makes possible the realization of “life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.” The nonprofit foundation president and CEO, Richard Davis, recently announced via video that the charity will henceforth grant wishes to terminally ill children — and their family members — only if they have all been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Yes, they will grant a wish, but only if the dying child and their family have gotten the experimental vaccination.

No  it ain’t: An assignment given to students at the University of Texas at El Paso School of Nursing asserts that white people believe “mental illness belongs to White people.” That is incorrect. I know lots of people of color that are freakin’ nuts.

Can I complain there weren’t enough white people represented at  the BET awards? Why not?

The process IS the punishment: Joseph Bolanos says he didn’t riot at the Capitol. He wasn’t even on the streets at the time, having retreated to a hotel room as the incursion had happened. He said he turned over evidence to the FBI that proves this claim. But the FBI still raided his and his mother’s apartments. He’s had two strokes since. He’s said he’s been ostracized by his community, where he was a respected member. All because an anonymous caller reportedly told the FBI he was bragging about having entered the Capitol — which he has the evidence to prove he didn’t do. Wait ‘til you see what they will do with “red flag” laws. (

So many hands: So, there was 135,000 “test” votes “inadvertently” counted in the NYC election. Who here thinks if no one had said anything, they would have stayed counted? Show of hands please.

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