Sunday Rant

 A 14-year-old Fargo (N.D.) girl was brutally murdered by a complete stranger while she was out skateboarding. Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen was skateboarding from her father’s house to her mother’s house on Friday morning when 23-year-old Arthur Prince Kollie violently attacked the young teen. Jupiter was white and Kollie is black.

In Venice Beach CA, 61-year old John Gavert was “sucker punched” by a “younger man” who appeared walking by. Gavert is in the hospital in “stable” condition. Gavert is white, and the sucker-puncher appears black.

In NYC, a 65-year-old Asian-American woman was violently attacked by 38-year Brandon Elliot. She is still in the ICU at a NY hospital. Elliot, on “lifetime parole” for killing his mother, is black.

In NONE of these MSM reports is the attacker identified as black. Don’t you think that would be a piece of important information?

Over last weekend, a prominent Texas news outlet refused to publish the police-provided description of a suspect believed to be responsible for a mass shooting in Austin,TX, over concerns that doing so would be “perpetuating stereotypes.” The police reported they were searching for a “black male wearing a black shirt with a skinny build and with dreadlocks.” The Austin American-Statesman, one of Texas’ most prominent newspapers, refused to publish that description, claiming they would be “perpetuating stereotypes” if they did. The newspaper stated “Editor’s note: Police have only released a vague description of the suspected shooter.” Sorry, that doesn’t seem “vague” to me.

The MSM has bent so far backward in order to “not offend”, they are putting everyone else into harm by not providing the minimum of identification. Do not get caught in the trap. It does matter when you are identifying a “violent criminal”.  The key word, CRIMINAL. I’d like to see what the “American-Statesman” would say if, by not printing the actual criminal description, they caused the death, or worse, of an innocent that could have been protected had the description been known.

Oh, I know, “It’s Not Our Fault”.

Yes, yes it is. My opinion.

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