Friday Is Here Motes

WTF: A thief rode his bicycle into a San Francisco Walgreens and filled an entire trash bag with goods as security stood by and did nothing. The thief appears confident that there would be no consequences as the extremely liberal city has essentially stopped prosecuting people for theft and shoplifting. Walgreens has closed 17 of its stores due to rampant stealing, and CVS has called the city “one of the epicenters of organized retail crime.” How long before they decide they can do the same at your house?

Just askin”: There is Black History Month, Pride Month (LBGTQ), Asian History Month, Asian-American Heritage Month, and Native American Heritage Month, but no “American” Pride Month. How come?

You are the problem: Five months after the attack on the U.S. Capitol, the Biden administration on Tuesday will unveil steps for federal and local officials and social media companies to battle national security threats posed by white supremacists and militia groups. The administration conducted a sweeping assessment earlier this year of domestic terrorism that labeled white supremacists and militia groups as top national security threats. Biden has declared “white supremacists” are the nation’s number one threat. Notice in all of these related stories there is no mention of Antifa, BLM, New Black Panthers, La Raza or any other “ethnic” group. Only whites. Just look at what the white nationalists did to Portland, Minneapolis, Detroit, and all the other cities suffering millions of dollars of damage the past 14 months. Oh wait, that was the “spontaneous” groups.

A sad Good-Bye: Frank Bonner, who played Herb Tarlek on the sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati,” has died. He was 79. Bonner passed away “peacefully” Wednesday amid a battle with Lewy body dementia, his family said. As Herb on “WKRP” in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Bonner was the quintessential salesman in a gaudy plaid suit and white loafers, despite struggling as a radio station sales manager who consistently failed to reel in the big accounts. Bonner went on to direct several of the decade’s biggest sitcoms, including “Who’s the Boss?,” “Head of the Class” and “Newhart,” . He, and his talent, will be missed.

Hand salute: A US Air Force battlefield airman, who was awarded the service’s second highest award for combat valor, the Air Force Cross, has now earned the service’s highest award for non-combat valor. Master Sgt. Daniel Keller, served 6 years with the U.S.N., took his discharge, became a certified welder, and then enlisted in the USAF. He became a “Special Tactics Combat Controller”, a school with an 80% washout rate. He has been awarded the Air Force Cross, Airman’s Metal, Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart. He earned the U.S.A.F. highest non-battlefield metal by saving a man and a woman from a burning vehicle. “With complete disregard for his own safety”. This boys and girls, is a real HERO.

A contradiction of terms:  “People Magazine Hard Hitting Article”. I don’t think those words “hard hitting”, mean what you think they mean.

Going home to Hilo this weekend. Got some Woodford Reserve, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Tex’s-B-B-Q ribs. It might be a great weekend.

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