Monday Mini-Motes, Sorta

Say what: The average household income for Honolulu is $71,465. The average price for a home is just under $1 million. Just a little disparity.

Probably won’t: Rob Zombie is helming the upcoming Munsters movie. Loved the Munsters as a kid, it was in black and white. And I’ve kinda liked some of Rob’s earlier movies, okay, I’ve watched a couple of them. Not sure if I’ll see this when it comes out or wait. No, considering the graphic crap in his movies, I probably won’t watch it.

Definitions are everything: Okay, someone will have to define this for me. What function does grass have? It covers the ground. That’s it’s function. Nevada has now banned “non-functional” grass. Huh?

More for thee, less for me: Rudy Giuliani is currently under federal investigation for his interactions in a telephone call with Ukrainian officials as former President Donald Trump’s personal emissary. So, they have a copy of a recording of a private phone call. Uncle Joe sat in an auditorium, and told hundreds of people how he coerced the Ukrainian .gov into firing a prosecutor by withholding U.S. Aid funds, and nobody raises an eyebrow. No “equal justice” under the law.

Just my opinion: To the NYT “editor” that was “disturbed” after seeing numerous U.S. flags in a neighborhood. There is nothing that says you have the “right” to not be disturbed. SDASTFU

Only in Calipofrnia: Alyssa Milano is considering a run for congress in 2024. Sorry, I have to clean the nose-coffee off my keyboard.

Know your audience: One of the hardest things for a stand-up comedian to do is “know” the audience. You adjust your material to fit the ones that came to see you. Well, television is no exception. Viewers of Country Music Television, known as CMT, are slamming the company and promising to boycott its awards show after it urged viewers to “wear orange” for a gun control campaign. The Wear Orange campaign encourages people to wear the color orange to “remember lives lost to gun violence and to raise awareness about this public health crisis.” Fans slammed CMT for pushing the campaign, accusing the campaign of missing key context on gun “violence”. I love what one poll reply posted: “I find it amusing that you think I give a damn what you think I should and shouldn’t do with tools I use to defend me and mine.” Hey cmt, you’re alienating the listeners of country music, you know, your audience. How’d that work out for the Dixie Chicks? Well, the results are in.  In the latest TV ratings, CBS’ broadcast of the Academy of Country Music Awards averaged 6.1 million total viewers and a 0.8 demo rating from last year’s ceremony . I believe that is down 40%.  Ouch! Funny thing, you really have to look hard to find out how bad it was. The MSM is full of woke praise.

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