Monday Motes Come Too Often

It really does: I’ve heard it said you need an act of congress to fire a teacher. Well, in Hawaii there is a UH teacher that “does not come into the office, has no office hours. In addition to teaching zero classes, bringing in zero dollars, and he doesn’t hold office hours.” And for all this nothing, he has had a salary of $300k a year for more than two decades. State lawmakers have voted to eliminate the job of the well-paid university professor. The union, the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly, is asking the state Labor Board to restore Vogel’s position, saying the move violates his union contract, state law and the state Constitution. This has gone all the way to the state legislature, and now to gov. Ige. Talk about job security.

Too much information: Reading a national “news” site I found that 6 of the first 10 stories were about Dr. Fauci. About his lies, his book, his e-mails, how nobody asks questions about him, and so on and so forth. Sixteen months ago, nobody even knew who the hell he was.

I see a “LifeTime” movie here: “Bride dies of heart attack at wedding. Sister marries the groom with her body in next room.” During the jaimala, the exchanging of garlands by the bride and the groom in an Indian wedding, Surabhi collapsed and a doctor was called to treat her after she suffered a heart attack. After the doctor pronounced the bride dead, the families of the bride and groom agreed the bride’s younger sister, Nisha, would wed the groom. No mention of the bride’s age, but a “heart attack”? Really? So she dies, they drag her into another room, and the show goes on. I guess there was a no refund clause.

Didn’t Liz Taylor star in this: A herd of 15 elephants has wreaked havoc in China, trampling crops and causing more than a million dollars’ worth of damage, after the animals escaped from a nature reserve last year. The elephants have made a 311 mile journey through the southwestern province of Yunnan from the nature reserve in Xishuangbanna to Yuxi, a city of 2.6 million people, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, It is unclear why they left their nature reserve home, but on their travels, the elephants have caused 412 separate incidents of damage, with financial losses amounting to around 6.8 million yuan ($1.1 million), Xinhua reported. They destroyed 56 hectares of farmland in the counties of Yuanjiang and Shiping alone, the agency said. So nobody know why they have decided to take this walk. Maybe they watched “Forrest Gump”. Or maybe “Elephant Walk”.

Update: I have commented on the on-going investigations on the Missouri family courts, the “GAL” “advocates” that get children assigned to parents with “abuse” and “molestation” convictions. “Mikaela Haynes Committed Suicide After Being Forced to Visit Rapist Father.” That headline doesn’t even begin to cover this travesty. Charles Haynes pleaded guilty to raping his step-daughter and is currently serving a seven-year sentence in Farmington Correctional. The attempts to place the remaining teen daughter, Mikaela’s younger sister, into Haynes’ custody have not stopped. Attorney Keri Smith argued in court Friday that Haynes, a convicted child rapist, has a right to be a parent to his teen daughter. Take a look at the 17 part report on this, it will make you want to throw up. The abuse of authority is incredible as are the attorney arguments. It’s just freakin’ WRONG!!! And that it is not being widely reported is angering to me.

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