Sunday Rant

Yes, I am white. Yes, I am dangerous. I am a patriot. I have trained, been trained, and have trained others. No, I am not a racist. No, I am not a “supremacist”. I do not force my beliefs and feelings upon anyone else. Do not try to force yours upon me. I will not threaten you, but I will respond if you threaten me or mine. If needed, I will strike preemptively and decisively. If I can help it, I will not let an innocent be harmed, but not at the risk of my family. I believe there is a correct way to do things such as immigration and feel the laws on the books should be enforced until they are changed by the process in place. I think everyone should be proud of who they are, and what they are, and not just in their color/religion/ethnicity. I do not believe in hyphenated-Americans. If this country is so bad, how come the caravans aren’t headed the other way? I don’t believe the Federal Government should pay for everything, should not pay you to stay home and not work, and I do believe less .gov is better. I believe the Constitution means what it says and is not “a living document”. I believe the Ten Commandments are commandments, not just suggestions.

I am tired of Uncle Joe calling me a terrorist.

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