Friday Motes For the Weekend

Stop the hate: The communist antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc. mobs have now elevated their war footing against western civilization and have begun deploying head hunting death squads.  On Friday, May 28, the usual black masked mobs slithered to hold another planned riot and torching in “grief-stricken” homage to the anniversary of their George Floyd riots. A local weekly newspaper, reported that Andy Ngo was on the antifa hit list because of his “willingness to post the mug shots and other personal information of arrested protesters [that] caused many of the people in Portland’s leftist movement to see him as something like an existential threat.” You know, like a journalist.  A group of five to 10 people in identity-obscuring clothing called “black bloc” followed the person they suspected of being Ngo for blocks, inquiring who he was. Finally, it appears they stopped and substantially beat the induvial. Ngo’s Twitter timeline has been dark since the incident. This would not be the first time Ngo has been beaten by these goons. After all, this IS what REAL Nazi’s do.

There is a solution: There has been another hack-ransom attack. As I said before there is a solution. You find/plan a work around. This would entail planning ahead for the worse  case scenario.  Then you find out who was involved, hunt them down wherever they are, and then you punish them. Harshly and publicly. You have make it too expensive for them to “do business”. Find the story about Col. Werbell and the Tupamaro’s. You’ll see what I mean.

I won’t be reading this: Oh big surprise, Fauci has a book out. I’ll bet he even lies in that.

Just asking: People on Farcebook are comparing the Jan.6 incident with the Benghazi. But nobody compares Benghazi with Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Atlanta, or Seattle. You know, where they burned buildings, beat passer-by’s, looted stores, and threatened police. And how come no protests over Ashli Babbitt?

Penalty flag: President Joe Biden asserted Tuesday that terrorism from white supremacy was “the most lethal threat” facing the United States. Biden said. “Not ISIS. Not Al Qaeda. White supremacists.”  In October 2020, DHS released a report showing that white supremacist extremism accounted for more fatal attacks than any other domestic violent extremist group since 2018. I toss the screaming yellow bullshat flag. See above mote.

Feed the cat’s first: A 79-year-old woman was found eaten from the waist up by her pet cats after she died in her apartment in Madrid, Spain, from what neighbors believe was coronavirus. Five of the seven animals inside the apartment were also found dead when police and firefighters entered Tobon’s apartment in the northern Madrid neighborhood of Fuencarral on Monday. The two surviving cats, which are reported to have partially eaten the upper half of Tobon’s body, were taken to an animal rescue center. If you’re a “cat lady”, be sure you have enough food.

Another thing she can ignore: President Joe Biden announced Tuesday his decision to put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of defending voting rights. This is the fourth issue that Biden has asked Harris to lead.

 People actually watch this: On CBS’ “Love Island,” sparks fly, and that fire is headed to Hawaii Island. The show about matchmaking is moving from Las Vegas to Hilo this summer. State Film Commissioner Donne Dawson confirms the film production booked the entire Grand Naniloa Hotel in Hilo for the summer. Everybody seems to think this is the best thing since sliced bread. A few years ago I was working at the Waikaloa Hilton while MTV was filming “The Real World”. You should have heard the complaints from the hotel staff about the shenanigans going on. I think this one will be even worse.

Going to Hilo this weekend. Books to read, movies to watch, and a new bottle of Sexton Irish to contemplate on.

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