Hump Day Motes

Make ya feel dumb: A Los Angeles toddler has become the youngest American member of Mensa, where membership is strictly limited to those who score at the highest levels in IQ tests. A psychologist administered the Mensa test. The result? Kashe had an IQ of 146. To join Mensa, applicants must score in the top 2% on a standard intelligence test. In other words, at 2 year-old, she is smarter than 98 out of every 100 people.

Things that make you go WTF: Last week there was a “security incident” at Joint Base Hickam Pearl Harbor, then there was a “security threat” at the downtown bus terminal, and the next day there was an “security threat”, at the Kaneohe Marine Base. Watched the local news broadcasts, several, and check the local news websites, no coverage. Oh yeah, the bus terminal is right next to the police headquarters. Hmmmmm.

Opinion is not news: A recent news opinion piece (aren’t they all) claimed the Honolulu Police Department needed a body-camera policy that both officers and citizens can “have faith in”. I got some opinion for ya pal, Honolulu needs a police department (from the Chief on down) that citizens can have faith in. That means fewer “massage parlor” and “gaming room” busts and more actual police work. But that’s my “opinion piece”.

 June 2 was marked as International Whores Day. Visit your favorite hooker today.

Speaking of dumb: First Uncle Joe makes that dumb comment at the Coast Guard Academy graduation. Now Aunty Kama tried to tell a woke joke about a female marine at the Naval Academy as she delivered the keynote address to the class of 2021 on Friday – and it totally bombed. After Harris realized her joke fell flat, she began to cackle awkwardly. Boy, I can’t wait to hear what they say at the Air Force Academy or WestPoint. No really, I can’t wait.

Watched “Army of the Dead”, and “Without Remorse”. Both could have been better. Predictable.

Opinion..Opinion…Yes, it does appear street shootings are happening more and more. People just shooting into crowds, parked cars, and houses without any concern who is there. And those that would disarm you scream we need more control over your property so you can’t become one of these indiscriminate killers. We don’t need “more” gun control. What we need is a lot more crime, and criminal, control. And a lot more “self” control.

Gas 6/21. Up $.07 a gallon in 14 days.

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