Tuesday Is Monday Motes

Soon, very soon I hope: Seven Tasmanian devils have been born in mainland Australia, more than 3,000 years since they died out in the area, marking a hopeful step in conservation efforts for the endangered animals. The birth is the next stage of Aussie Ark’s #DevilComeback project, which aims to return Australia’s ecosystems “to that of pre-European settlement” by creating a self-sustaining Tasmanian devil population, according to Aussie Ark’s website. Can the discovery of the Thylacine, the Tasmanian Tiger, be far away?

 Think before you run: Another mayoral candidate in north-central Mexico has been killed, bringing to 34 the number of candidates murdered nationwide ahead of the June 6 elections. the overwhelming majority of the slain candidates were vying for nominations or running for local posts. Experts say drug gangs want to place sympathetic candidates in town halls and city governments, so they can operate without interference from police and extort money from local businesses and government budgets. Geez, I thought Honolulu politics was dirty.

The other side of the story: An armed teacher at a Utah school is being praised as “a hero” after he saved an 11-year-old student from a man who tried to kidnap her Tuesday. The teacher was watching students on the playground from inside the school and saw a man walk up to the girl and “put his hands on her in an attempt to take her.” The teacher ran outside confronted the suspect which gave the girl time to pull away from the suspect. The teacher was able to direct all of the 20 students on the playground into the school building The suspect then approached the building and tried to force his way inside the school by punching a window. The teacher, a concealed carry permit holder, brandished his firearm and held the suspect off while calling police. And the left says, don’t give me any of that “good guy with a gun” horse pucky. It doesn’t happen.

Just some advice: If you have 5 prior felony convictions, 2 outstanding felony warrants, don’t point a gun at the cops. They will probably shoot you.

I kinda gag during all the speeches on Memorial Day. All these politicritters talking about honor, loyalty, and sacrifice. Things so very few of them actually have.  They do not deal with their peers, or their constituents, honorably. They have no loyalty to their party or the people that voted for them. They only sacrifice what somebody else has. Far too many CoP’s (Children of Politicians) grow up to be, well, more politicians. How many CoP’s can you name that served in the Armed Forces? Now, how many second-generation politicians can you name? A considerably longer list I bet. Political office was meant to be a “service”, not a multi-generational career. Some people have bears at the pool party, maybe a cougar in the sink, but I got a beer in the fridge. Bye

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