Thursday Motes 1000+1

Terminally cute: Just spent several minutes, watching several times, the trail camera recording of a 4 week-old wolf pup practicing his howl. Oh man.( )

Cell phone and dinosaurs kill: Police in Catalonia are investigating the death of a man who is thought to have become trapped inside a large dinosaur statue while trying to retrieve his mobile phone. Officers were called to the statue after a man and his son noticed something inside the papier-mache stegosaurus on Saturday afternoon. the death of the 39-year-old man was not being treated as suspicious.

Headline: “So Fauci either lied or is incompetent.” Why does it have to be either or? Can’t he be both?

A new entry for your bingo card: Torrents of lava poured into villages after dark in eastern Congo with little warning, leaving at least 15 people dead amid the chaos and destroying more than 500 homes, officials and survivors said Sunday. The eruption of Mount Nyiragongo on Saturday night sent about 5,000 people fleeing from the city of Goma across the nearby border into Rwanda, 25,000 others sought refuge to the northwest in Sake, the U.N. children’s agency said . Okay,sex-crazed zombie cicadas” is one thing, but a volcano in Africa? IS Mother Nature upset with us?

How come Tulsi wasn’t so vocal, and reasonable, when she was in office?

My country is gone: A source within the Biden State Department wishing to remain anonymous has shared with Human Events News a document that indicates that all U.S. “Diplomatic and Consular posts” are being encouraged to display shows of support for Black Lives Matter on Tuesday, May 25, the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death. The 1 year anniversary of the death of a two bit thug and an organization that is nothing but a long con. My country is gone.

It’s not black or white: Why does Tim Tebow have an NFL position and not Colin Kapernick? It’s not race. It’s not “privilege”. It’s just Tebow is a better team player and works harder. That’s it. Period.

Their loss, our gain: Ellen DeGeneres is rumoured to be planning a move Down Under with her Australian wife Portia de Rossi once her talk show ends its 19-season run next year.The couple, who married in 2008, reportedly want to swap the bright lights of Hollywood for a quieter life on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, just an hour from Melbourne. Well, Bye.

Val Kilmer, the best Doc Holiday ever.

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