1000 Motes In The Air

Holy crap, one thousand motes of dribble, stories, and rants have fallen into these entries.

I’ve recieved several nice messages and well wishes. Questions and corrections I’ve tried post as soon as I’m told. I’ve tried to entertain and amuse, ..well me.

But there are things I’ve gotten really really tired of after 1000 motes ;

Anything Kardashian. Anything.

“Teen Moms”. And their continuing pregnancies

The ex-prince and his fame-whore wife. The Queen’s being upset. Brit “royals” complaining about how we run our country. Check your own.

A 38 year-old high school graduate that tells me what is wrong with the world and how I should change to make it “better”. This from guy who made more money at the age of 20 than I have in 55 years of working my azz off. If I wanted advice from someone who spends their time chasing a ball, I’d ask my dog.

Cable channels that show the same movie 6-8 times a day for 4 or 5 days in a row.

“Karens”.  Rob Riener.  Cher (except when she’s saving the elephants).  All Hollywierd hypocrites. Hell, let’s throw in all the D.C. hypocrites as well. (That covers all of them.)

People saying “drag queen” story hours for tender-age children is “natural” and “normal”. No, it isn’t.

We’re all the same, except when I’m a (pick your subcategory), then I have more rights than you because..you know…. Racism/sexism/genderism/hyphen-ism/ismism.

People saying only gay/black/oriental/deaf actors should play gay/black/oriental/deaf parts. Hey, there’s a reason they call it acting.

Only white people can be racist. The summer riots were “mostly peaceful” protests, but January 6 was an insurrection. The fbi.(Their leaders no longer deserve any respect.) People making hero’s out of second rate, junior, and want-a-be thugs. Making villains out of every man or woman that puts on a badge and goes to work every day.

Ashli Babbitt’s murder is still unnamed, uncharged, and walking free.

All the “it’s not my fault” excuses for bad/poor behavior. Be an adult, you had plenty of time to change your actions. Be responsible for what you do or have done.

People who claim everything is a “constitutional” or a “human” right. It’s not.

This list gets longer every day, but I think you get the idea.

For all of you that read this, thank you. Tell you friends. I appreciate your reading, your comments, and you. Stay safe.


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