Tuesday Is For Motes

If there was no funny business, why do you protest: Michigan’s 13th District Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer made a big decision last Wednesday about whether the 2020 election voter fraud case can move forward in the courts. Judge Elsenheimer ruled that Michigan’s Secretary of State Joselyn Benson can initiate any type of audit she chooses. Hence, her very limited audit after the 2020 election satisfies the requirement that any Michigan citizen can demand an audit of an election. The problem is that Attorney DePerno has uncovered numerous cases of irregularities that would require a deeper audit, and Michigan’s highly partisan Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has claimed that she’s already performed an audit on the election in Antrim County. So, her “audit” satisfies the state, and the Demo party, requirement, even if it doesn’t satisfy the citizen. You know, the voters.

Everybody check your cards: Get ready for sex-crazed zombie cicadas dubbed  “flying salt shakers of death.” “A psychedelic fungus that eats away the genitals of cicadas turns them sex-mad to help spread it further — and the zombie insects are reportedly expected among Brood X that is emerging in New York. The fungus, Massospora cicadina — which has chemicals similar to hallucinogenic mushrooms — infect the insects during the 13 to 17 years they spend underground.  Once they emerge above ground as adults, the cicadas lose the back part of their bodies, including their butts and genitals. Scientests told The Washington Post that people should not expect to get a buzz from eating the infected insects. Okay, who had “sex-crazed zombie cicadas”? We will accept “flying saltshakers of death.” Oh, and don’t eat the cicadas.

Kill the golden goose: Hawaii is just starting to regrow, and the island of Maui was hit hard. Now the Maui Mayor wants to add taxes and fees to tourists that come to the island. On 5/19 about 5,000 people came to the island of Maui. He wants to add special parking fees and limiting beach users. Yeah, that’ll make for good publicity.

Chicago scorecard; 48 shot wounded by gunfire, 10 dead. Hey Lori, how’s those stricter laws working for ya?

What for: So now we have an independent commission to investigate the Jan 6 “Insurrection”. Why? We know it happened, we know what happened, and we know how to prevent it. So why a federally (tax) paid commission to “investigate”. In everything I have looked at, I can’t find what the exact goal of this “independent commission” is. Maybe it’s part of Uncle Joe’s new jobs thing.

Steel cage barbed wire death match; Bongino-v-Rivera is again heating up with Rivera calling Bongino a “punk”, throwing a wad of paper at the camera (that’ll show ya), and even turned his back on the camera. So filled with self-importance, Rivera says “I demand a ceasefire,”. Hey Gerry, I don’t think your opinion or demands carry much weight with the Israeli government.

I just almost puked hearing Nasty Nan talking about the “honor” system. She doesn’t have any.

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