Sunday Rant-DTI Quip

3 May 15

Unlimited Powers?

Not having the benefit of a law-school  education,

I’m not sure I know whether or not elected officials, like mayors,have the power to order police to violate their oath.

Can police be ordered to remain uninvolved as they watch violent felonies committed in front of them?

Can a mayor arbitrarily declare entire sections of a city “available for destruction” by violent mobs, conspicuously withholding police protection

from entire groups of people, who, via their tax dollars, have paid for it and have an absolute right to expect it?

Can a mayor actually suspend, at her whim, the entire criminal code?

Baltimore: What we’ve seen is the ultimate example of why we need the Second Amendment!

Partisan politicians might do their sworn duty and protect your life and property.

Then again, they might not!

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.”

Mae West


Hawaii is still suffering under the many (20+) Emergency Proclamations issued by gov Ige. Many cities are still suffering from “peaceful protests” that are destroying their cities. This DTI-Quip was written 6 years ago. Not much has changed. “Acta non Verba” Actions, not words.

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