Sunday Rant(s)

“The United States has become a place where entertainers and professional athletes ate mistaken for people of importance.” —Robert A. Heinlein

Sometimes we stretch the definition of “entertainer”. The not-funny comedian Sam Bee wants to disarm America. She will be releasing a comedy special about gun reform called “Full Frontal Wants To Take Your Guns”.

The special will “explore how appalling and frankly stupid it is that we as Americans are told there’s simply nothing we can do about gun violence. Don’t even get us started on the whole “good guy with a gun” thing”.  “We as Americans” is a pretty hefty comment from the Canadian born “television host”. She’s been an “American” since 2014 but she feels she has the right to tell the rest of us where “we” are all wrong. For an unfunny college drop-out she presumes a lot.

What is funny is last week a poll from the far-left Washington Post shows a sharp overall decrease in public support for new and more stringent gun control laws. A deeper look inside the poll shows something even more amazing: the sharpest drop came from young people, which would be “Full Frontal’s” major demographic. She’s just another left-wing shill.


Just who TF does Liz Cheney think she is? She is announcing to one and all what SHE intends to do. Last time I looked, she was elected to “represent” the “people” of Wyoming. She was NOT elected to decide who gets to run for what and she sure as HELL wasn’t elected to tell the people who to vote for or against.

I don’t have any problem with her running for re-election, if the people are dumb enough to re-elect her, so be it. And if her “party” wants to remove her from any position, well that’s their decision. I do have a problem with Cheney saying she “will not accede to her colleagues’ desires to please shut up,” and will continue to try and reshape the party.

If she doesn’t want to follow the party instructions, get out of the party. I do have a problem with Cheney hijacking time on the House floor to air her grievances on the record with former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. These are personal issues and should not be aired on the Floor.

As I said, if the state of Wyoming wants to keep her, that’s on them, but her running down “her party”, “for the record” is wrong.

As for Nasty Nan’s comments; “For the sake of our democracy, reasonable Republicans across the country must take back their party.”  It seems to me that’s what they did. “Congresswoman Liz Cheney is a leader of great courage, patriotism and integrity.” That’s up for questioning. “Today, House Republicans declared that those values are unwelcome in the Republican party.” No, they said Cheney does not speak for “the party”, no matter how loudly she yells. In fact, in my opinion, neither of these two politicritters is doing their job.

Neither one of them, Nan or Liz, seem to remember they are supposed to “REPRESENT’ their constituents. You know, the people that elected them.

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