Wednesday, I Can See Friday, Motes

Not a dime: Remember, the .gov, Fed or State, does not haver any income except your taxes. When the .gov start talking about a plan to provide amnesty, as well as reparations, to more than 1,000 illegal aliens who were deported, they are talking about your money. And worse, the Biden administration is currently negotiating a settlement by which attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are representing deported illegal alien parents and their children who remain in the United States. What part of “illegal” is unclear? How does an “illegal” action on your part, require me to pay you?

No one’s coming to help:
Portland’s revolutionaries from Black Lives Matter and antifa took over a busy street at noon on Thursday and pulled guns od drivers who dared try to dart past the mob. It was holding a rally for a gangland shooter who was killed by police in 2018. That shooting was ruled justified. The chaotic scene included guns being drawn on white drivers by the multiracial BLM and antifa protesters. Someone deployed pepper spray. A driver was reportedly beaten and held against his will, another had his back window destroyed and shots of some sort were fired by the AK-47 and AR-15 wielding terrorists. This is the banana republic encouraged by Democrats who have run Portland for decades, ignoring the fact actual law-abiding people are being harmed by these thugs. I can’t see this going anyway except for people to start fighting back and a lot of people, on both side, dying.

Chicago this weekend: 27 shoot, at least 5 dead. If we just pass one more law…just one more

Sad but true: Idaho Gov. Brad Little has signed into law a measure that could lead to killing 90% of the state’s 1,500 wolves. Those methods include hunting, trapping and snaring an unlimited number of wolves on a single hunting tag, using night-vision equipment, chasing down wolves on snowmobiles and ATVs and shooting them from helicopters. Also under the new law, newborn pups can be killed if they are found on private land. Okay, I understand the drive from deer/elk hunters, and farmers. I do. But those wolves are only doing what their nature tells them. They are beautiful creatures and I morn their loss.

Thanks, but no: It seems the big thing in architecture now is glass, or see through whatever. Bridges, pedestrian overpasses, and even all see-through swimming pools with incredible views. Well, Sunday photos show a tourist left dangling from a glass bridge in China — after it was shattered by gale-force winds. The man remained stranded precariously Friday on the more than 300-foot-tall span on Piyan Mountain in the northeastern city of Longjing, Although no casualties were reported, the incident drew a lot of attention online amid the increasing popularity of glass bridges in China. I’m sorry, if I can see through it, it ain’t strong enough. No thanks.

Here kitty kitty kitty: Footage recently surfaced that appears to show a tiger roaming around a Houston, Texas, neighborhood. The large cat got loose from a nearby home where it was seemingly being kept as a “pet” and came within a few feet of a nearby homeowner while wandering the streets. Fox 59 reports that an armed man, actually an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, pointed his weapon at the tiger, to protect the neighborhood. The man pulled out a gun as the tiger approaches and comes within a few feet. Fortunately, in the footage, the man was not attacked by the large animal. Not something you see everyday.

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