Second Monday Second Motes

Only half the news that’s fit to print: Have you noticed how many assaults on Asian American there are being reported? Do you wonder why they don’t print the race of the attacker? They print the picture, but don’t mention it in the “news”. It’s what they want you to remember, Asians are being discriminated against. The who doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Headline I can’t argue with: “Our country was founded by geniuses, but it’s being run by idiots.” Nothing more need be said.

A slower lifestyle: Aloha Stadium leaders said it will likely take 20 years to finish building the New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District in Honolulu. Leaders said they hope the developer, which is still awaiting selection, will be able to transform up to 1 million square feet of land every five years over the 20-year projected timeline. Construction of Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, began in November 2017 and finished September 2020, meaning it took a little less than three years to build.

I didn’t know they had a prince: Romanian authorities are investigating after one of Europe’s largest brown bears was allegedly shot and killed by a prince from Liechtenstein. Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein — the 32-year-old nephew of the tiny principality’s reigning Prince Hans-Adam II — is accused of shooting 17-year-old Arthur in March during a hunting expedition. Prosecutors opened an investigation Thursday on two grounds: The bear’s killing was not licensed and some of those involved may not have had weapons permits. Romania has the biggest bear population in Europe outside Russia and is proud of its ursine heritage. It outlawed trophy hunting in 2016. the prince was granted a four-day hunting permit from the Ministry of Environment to shoot a young female bear that had been stealing chickens. Well, all them bears look alike.

Not Cock Lane: A New Zealand activist, who specializes in drawing large penises around the streets of Auckland, has finally been threatened with legal action. Geoff Upson, who calls himself a road safety campaigner, estimates he has made about 100 lewd drawings on streets with potholes, in the hopes that the phallic images will motivate officials to pave over them, according to the New Zealand Herald. Auckland Transport confronted Upson over the stunt last week, and filed a complaint with the police, who followed up with the doodling activist. Upson claims that in addition to getting the attention of officials, his prolific spray-painted penises help drivers avoid the potholes. Seeing a big green glowing penis would sure keep my mind on the road.

Weekend Playlist included Kenny Chesney, Dolly Parton, Dr. Hook. John Prine, and Allison Krauss. All to the soft sip of Woodford Reserve. Hmmmmm Speaking of “Dr. Hook, and the Traveling Medicine Show” sometime I’d like to tell you about the weekend I was their chauffeur before a Crater Festival. I’d like to, but I don’t remember enough of it to actually tell anyone.

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