Sunday Rant

Happy Mothers Day. My mother was a stern woman, who did her best. It’s not her fault how I turned out. I lost her 2016, and truly miss our bi-weekly talks. Speaking of Mom’s;

Triggered leftists are reportedly threatening a group of moms opposed to mandatory vaccines in California who have formed a pro-Second Amendment group empowering women called the “Mamalitia.” What has happened to personal choice?  

On Sunday, 5/2 the Mamalitia group announced it would have to cancel public meet-and-greet events after receiving terroristic threats following media hit pieces which mischaracterized the group as “dangerous radical extremists”. Is that part of “Oh, if you don’t agree with me, I’ll blow you up” right to free speech?

Last week, the group was covered in a report by CBS Sacramento, which framed the organization as part of the January 6 event at the US Capitol and accused them of using inflammatory language which could incite violence. Not really citing any exact statements, nor proof, CBS relied on Dr. Richard Carpiano a professor of public policy and sociology at the University of California, Riverside.  Carpiano says ”When you’re showing pictures of you with weapons, you are advertising services to train people in firearms.” No, you are showing pictures of people with guns. That’s all. You actually have to read the mission statement to get to the training part.

The article also cited state Senator Richard Pan (also a former UC professor), who claimed the group had bullied and harassed lawmakers. Again without citing actual incidents.

Denise Aguilar, defended Mamalitia, saying, “We are not violent, we have not been on a watchlist. We are simply a group of women who are training each other and networking together.” Mamalitia’s purpose, Aguilar says, is to arm women with guns, knowledge and survival skills.

The group says despite the attacks they’re still encouraging women to join their growing movement. “The tyrants have created women who are ready to go like it’s 1776,” the group proclaims. Notice accusations without evidence of proof.

That is not journalism, that is opinion and , in my opinion, slander. Just remember, Antifa is just a “idea” and BLM is only there to help.

DTI Quip……………………..

3 May 21

Western European update, from a friend there:

“Two months ago, the EU announced that they’re going to implement a ‘vaccine passport,’ that will be mandatory for travel across Europe.

The proposal has been accepted by EU’s Parliament, but with a ‘sunset provision’ that it go away after twelve months.

Of course, no one believes that!

‘Government programs’ (always designed to take away our individual freedom, and accomplish little else), once implemented, never go away. Quite the contrary. They grow and expand exponentially, providing limitless employment opportunity for an ever-expanding army of erstwhile unemployed bureaucrats!

Recently, Belgium and France proposed a ‘COVID Pass.’ This pass (taking the form of a ‘badge’ that is always worn on the outside) will allow one to go into restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, get on airplanes, etc.

Vaccination is not currently ‘compulsory,’ but it is painfully obvious that when you want to travel and engage in other normal human activities, you get their medicine, and any other ‘medicine’ they decide you need, or be shunned like a leper!

The more we move away from WWII, the closer we get to it!”

“When you demand that the collective pay your medical expenses, then be prepared for the collective to demand that they make your medical decisions for you.”

AE Samaan /John

Used with permission. Something I have been bitchin’ about the whole time. Very soon those young men in black uniforms will be asking for “your papers.”

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