Thursday Motes, I can See Friday

.We don’t answer to them: (South Africa on Saturday) Officials began calling on the Biden Administration to investigate how the unarmed descendant of “Zulu royalty” was killed during a confrontation with three Honolulu Police officers. “We call on the U.S. government for a full report as speedily as possible and to conduct a thorough investigation into this tragedy, which should be condemned in the strongest terms.” Mounting international pressure is placing a harsh spotlight on the HPD’s use of force policies from a land nearly 12,000 miles away from Hawaii. On the same day, a South African farmer who was paralyzed 20 years ago when he was shot in the spine in a violent robbery, was tied up and brutally murdered in his wheelchair by attackers who had been hiding near the property waiting for the perfect time to strike. Let us also note SA averages 58 murders a DAY and solves less than 30%. Take care of your own house first.

Chicago last weekend, 46 shot, 7 dead.

Headline: “After President Joe Biden’s first 100 days, two-thirds of Americans believe US headed in right direction”. The newest ABC News/Ipsos shows 64% are optimistic a few days after Biden reached the early milestone This based on a poll of more than 500 were surveyed across the country. That means this conclusion is based on .0000015152 % of voters. They make the poll say what “they” want it to say. And they really want you to believe what they tell you.

Ashli Babbitt, where’s the outrage?

Asking for a friend: Special agents from the state Attorney General have been conducting “compliance checks” on over 3,000 quarantining visitors at 10+ hotels in Honolulu. The line that caught my attention was “Violators face arrest and a hefty fine”. I want to know if these “special agents” have arrest powers, which makes them Law Enforcement Officers. Do they carry firearms? How were they hired or promoted? Are they permanent employees or contract employees? If contract, how long? What training do they have? Are they conducting their “check” under the mantel of one of .gov Ige’s numerous “emergency proclamations? And I can’t find anyone who will or wants to answer these questions. How come?

The inmates are running everything: An employee petition at Simon & Schuster demanding that the company stop publishing authors associated with the Trump administration collected 216 internal signatures and several thousand outside supporters.  The petition demands that the company refrain from publishing a memoir by former Vice President Mike Pence. The letter asks Simon & Schuster not to treat “the Trump administration as a ‘normal’ chapter in American history.” It has now been formally submitted. A spokesman for Simon & Schuster on Monday declined to comment. You work hard, create a great business, you build an unparalleled reputation in your business, and suddenly your employees tell you how to run your business. They don’t advise, suggest, or recommend. They Demand. The only answer is, to me, tell them to find another job. The company’s job is to print and publish books, not decide what is “normal”. If you don’t like what the company publishes, go someplace else, start your own company, and go into competition. Otherwise, SDASTFU.

It’s doubtful: Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns sent an internal memo to agency staff praising the jury in former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial and sharing his willingness to indulge the whims of the “racial justice” movement. If I remember correctly, and I do, The CIA is prohibited from becoming involved in domestic law enforcement affairs. Given the trial was a local and not even a federal charge, this is far away from his prevue. But very much within the “progressive” attitude that now prevails. I suggest he watch “The Spook That Sat By The Door.” Maybe he’ll learn something. Or maybe not. 

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