Tuesday Mote With A Smile

 You don’t want me, I’ll leave: Jason Rantz (pretty good name for a radio reporter) of KTTH radio in Seattle, reports that the police brain drain continues apace with 66 cops giving notice of their leave so far. A total of 100 police officers are expected to flee the approximately 1,200-person force by the end of May.  The far-left Seattle council has continually denigrated the cops and cut the police budget. As a result, violent crime has gone up. Among the anti-cop council members is Kshama Sawant, who called police officers “murderers.” Officers not even close to retirement age are seeking and finding jobs elsewhere in the state. After all, when you tell people you don’t want them, libel them, and then cut the budget, it’s not a mystery why they leave. You don’t need Sherlock Holmes to figure that out.

Can you?: Cuomo’s former ‘vaccine czar’ Larry Schwartz resigns after repeal of ethics exemption. A former top aide to New York Gov.  Cuomo who reportedly called county executives around the state, inquiring about their “loyalty” to the embattled Democrat, has resigned. This was precipitated by the state Legislature’s repeals this week of three Cuomo executive orders related to the pandemic. Schwartz followed other recent departures from the Cuomo administration. So Cuomo gave his employees an “ethic’s exemption”? How do you exempt someone from ethic’s? And this guy Cuomo wants to be president?

Trust your government: The FBI once again spied on American citizens without court-ordered FISA warrants. The FBI went around the FISA court and looked through NSA communications in search of ‘far-right domestic extremists’ despite being warned several years earlier it was unconstitutional (Fourth Amendment violation). The presiding FISA judge said he discovered “apparent widespread violations of the querying standard.” According to a heavily redacted FISA report dated November 18, 2020 and declassified on Monday 4/26/21, seven FBI field offices were implicated in violations. The FBI was warned by a federal judge in 2018 and 2019 that searching through NSA electric communications to evade warrants was unconstitutional but they did it anyway. Why would the FBI follow the law? Trust…Nope.

Sometimes I can’t add anything: Headline “Hunter Biden to teach class on ‘Fake News’”. What could I possibly add to that?

The Reverend $$$: A D.C. pastor who received more than one million dollars in coronavirus relief funds has been charged with federal wire fraud for falsifying documents relating to his application for the funds. CBS Baltimore reported that Rudolph Brooks Jr., of Cheltenham, Maryland, may have more than $2.2 million seized as well as his 2018 Tesla Model 3. Further, the pastor used the money to allegedly purchase 39 cars, one of which was the Tesla, and a house in Baltimore. Brooks is the pastor and founder of Kingdom Tabernacle of Restoration Ministries. And he opened his own church. Isn’t that special. Makes you wonder where he got his “divinity” training

Daily Beast, Headline : Upper left, first column story: “The Chickens Come Home to Roost for ‘Treasonous Traitor’ Rudy.” Not a single word of John Kerry giving information to an enemy. Not. One. Single. Word. Think I’m done with the Beast.

“Unbiased” media: CBS proudly released a poll last Thursday claiming 85% of Americans approved of Uncle Joe’s address to a “joint session” of Congress Wednesday night. “Most viewers who tuned in to watch President Biden’s speech liked what they heard and came away feeling optimistic about America.” CBS reported. The poll is a big lie. CBS interviewed 10,420 US adults and then cut it down to about 1,000 viewers for their sample. Of the 943 people, 54% were Democrats (510 viewers), 25% were Independents (235 viewers) and 18% were Republicans (169 viewers). In other words, CBS made sure their “poll” gave them their desired results favorable to Joe Biden. Key words here, “viewers who tuned in”, which would only be those who are inclined to approve of Joe anyway. Me, I watched re-runs of “My Mother The Car”.

It’s in the name of your safety: The C&C of Honolulu has announced the implementation of “red light cameras” in downtown Honolulu. And they have announced that it doesn’t matter who is driving the car, if it gets a picture going through the light, the registered owner will have to pay the ticket. It has a provision that says the owner is responsible for the violation, not the driver. What happened to the right to face your accuser and the presumption of innocence? Oh yeah, that’s for those other guys.

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