It’s Friday Motes

Even the blind bear: Left-wing pop star Cher is lamenting what she sees as the lack of kindness and justice around her, saying that at times she feels “so disappointed in America.” That’s ok sweetie, sometimes we feel the same about you and your opinions. However, like Uncle Joe when they do right I say so. So Cher, regarding your rescue of Kaavan the “Worlds loneliest elephant”, well done.

It ain’t brain surgery: It’s being reported that people are canceling their subscriptions to this service because they are making that program. Or people are urging other people to not watch that channel because they are offended by this show. People, use a little self-responsibility. If you don’t agree with the show, turn it off. It ain’t rocket science.

If only one person has a knife, it’s not a “knife fight”, it’s an armed assault.

Look before you leap: If you’re gonna off yourself, please think of others first. A woman was killed when an apparently suicidal man jumped off a parking structure and landed on her in downtown San Diego, police said.The 30-year-old woman was walking with a man in the East Village neighborhood Sunday evening when she was hit. The woman, whose name was not released, died at the scene. The man who jumped was taken to a hospital, where he died. He was not identified.

Huffy who? : Biden has appointed a committee to consider adding 4 new judges to the Supreme Court. Biden has signed 41 executive orders, 14 presidential memoranda, 48 proclamations, and 10 notices. What is the Huffington Post headline? “A Radical Right-Wing Dream To Rewrite The Constitution Is Close To Coming True.”  Sorry, which wing? As a friend on mine used to say, “Right wing, left wing, they’re all part of the same turkey.”

It’s not news if they don’t cover it: There’s been a widespread blackout in media coverage of the growing controversy surrounding “Presidential Envoy for Climate” John Kerry over his alleged sharing of Israeli intel with Iran. The Iranian leader admitted he was shocked by the purported admission, as reported by The New York Times. While Kerry has called the claims “unequivocally false” and such a conversation “never” occurred during or since his tenure as Secretary of State, GOP lawmakers are calling for investigations and for his resignation from the Biden administration if the allegations turn out to be true. There is a purported recording of the meeting(s). The really interesting part, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC  all decided NOT to cover the story.

And to all my Legionnaire Friends, Happy Cameron Day.

In Honolulu this weekend. Moving and shaking. Or maybe not.

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