Motes Again, Monday Again

Teach your children well: A mass shooting at a child’s birthday party in Louisiana left nine people wounded — including a 12-year-old, authorities said. The party had up to 60 people attending, most under the age of 16. The gunfire that broke out at the bash late Saturday in LaPlace was sparked by an argument according to the Sheriffs department. No fatalities were reported and no arrests had been made as of Sunday. Investigators believe two groups of young men involved in an ongoing feud met up at the party prior to the mass shooting, but witnesses have not been cooperative, Sheriff Mike Tregre said. “We have not one witness, not one person that saw anything yet,” Tregre said. “I’m going to be polite — it’s more than frustrating.” Nobody saw nuttin’.

Prophetic: A while back I posted a made up executive order saying the president will now pick his successor. Truth is stranger than fiction. On April 15, Uncle Joe Biden signed an Executive Order on Blocking Property with Respect to Specified Harmful Foreign Activities of the Government of the Russian Federation. Contrary to its title, this EO is not about Russia. It is designed to allow the Biden administration to deprive American citizens and organizations of their rights and property by arbitrarily linking those persons to real, imagined, or vaguely defined activities of the Russian government. The Biden administration unilaterally makes the determination and requires neither criminal acts nor intent. The punishment is blocking assets and a prohibition on any dealing with the accused person. Spouses and adult children of individuals found “guilty by accusation” under this EO are punished, too. It allows the Biden regime to eliminate its opposition, quickly and quietly.  It criminalizes speech and political activities, based on whimsical and arbitrary definitions. I have seen the last 2 party election in my lifetime, maybe in history.

Revenge, no other word: A police officer in Virginia who donated money to accused suspect Kyle Rittenhouse was fired, authorities said Tuesday. Lt. William Kelly, who worked in internal affairs for the Norfolk Police Department, was terminated after he expressed support for Rittenhouse and made an anonymous $25 donation to his defense fund. The officer’s message at the time read, in part: “God bless. Thank you for your courage. Keep your head up. You’ve done nothing wrong.” Chip Filer, the city manager of Norfolk, said in a statement. “His egregious comments erode the trust between the Norfolk Police Department and those they are sworn to serve. The City of Norfolk has a standard of behavior for all employees, and we will hold staff accountable.” So now you can be punished for doing something anonymously, off duty. How come nobody is asking who released the information? Isn’t that a violation of Lt. Kelly’s right to privacy? Am I the only one that sees this a as wrong? Isn’t it time we did something about “doxing”?

Not really: Does anyone, anywhere care about Jane “Traitor” Fonda’s greatest kiss? Me neither. Another reason to not watch Jimmy Fellon.

It won’t: In a shocking collection of interviews from the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis, far-left extremists admitted to wanting another civil war and implied that white people need to be killed. Ami Horowitz interviewed several people who were attending the memorial to get their take on things. One woman said, “I don’t want to say we need to start killing all white folks, but it’s like…” one of the militant extremists said. “Maybe they need to feel the pain and the hurt,” she continued. At that will make the world, our county, or your city better, how?

Only remember what serves your narrative: Leftist protesters led by Code Pink’s token white male Tighe Barry and Extinction Rebellion D.C. marched through downtown Washington, D.C. Thursday morning pushing pink colored wheelbarrows filled with cow manure, heading to the White House to protest Joe Biden’s climate policies on Earth Day. On 4/22/21, the 36th anniversary of Earth Day, it is only fitting to speak of one of its founders, Ira Einhorn. Ira Einhorn was the man who could make Earth Day happen as, it seems, he did, A friend and contemporary of Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, and acquaintance of authors Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsburg, Timothy Leary, Alvin Toffler, and Isaac Asimov.   You won’t find Ira Einhorn’s name listed in any of the Earth Day promotional literature, as the organizers have taken great pains to distance themselves from this man, at least since he became better known for composting his girlfriend in a trunk in his closet for a couple of years in the late 1970s. Look up the “Unicorn Killer”.

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