Friday Motes For the Heck Of It

It only goes one way: Chelsea Handler is listed as an American comedian, actress, writer, television host, producer and activist. I personally would leave out comedian, actress, and host., but that’s just me. Recently she wondered, out loud of course, why they were giving “that cop” a trial because after all, “We have the video”. Hey Chels, we also have a video of Ashli Babbitt being murdered but I don’t hear you saying anything about that. Oh, I’m sorry, Ashli was a white, military veteran that didn’t have an extensive criminal record. She doesn’t fit the narrative. Somehow the investigators have decided the unarmed Babbitt was a threat and the shooting was within policy. Huh????

Don’t do it: Remember what I said about old guys? Well, Ryan Cheney just but a shot, on a 6’x6’ target, from 3,592 yards. That’s 2.35 MILES. I don’t know if 41 is considered old, but don’t pizz him off.

Journalist, not : Watching the interaction between Dan Bongino, (former police officer, Secret Service agent, with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology, and a Master of Business Administration degree), and Geraldo Rivera, (who has a B.S. in business administration and a J.D from Brooklyn Law School,) while they “discussed” the recent “Taser-v-Glock” shooting. Listening to Rivera pontificate about cross draws and holster mounts and specialized training to deescalate,(of which he knows nothing about) Bongino spoke quietly, stated his facts and experience, none of which included opening an empty vault, and it seemed to really irk Gerald(o). Rivera continuously over talked, shouted, misstated facts, probably made up a few, and then resorted to name-calling. Rivera telling Bongino “You’re a punk” is actually indicative of the problem in America today. If you don’t agree, the other guy calls you names and says things he knows he’ll never have to answer for. I really regret the lose of the right to challenge. Really. I wonder if Gerry would speak a little softer were that right be reinstated.

Find a need and fill it: When the pallbearers brought Phil McLean’s coffin into the chapel, there were gasps before a wave of laughter rippled through the hundreds of mourners. The coffin was a giant cream donut. The donut was the latest creation by Phil’s cousin Ross Hall, who runs a business in Auckland, New Zealand, called Dying Art, which custom builds colorful coffins. Other creations by Hall include a sailboat, a firetruck, a chocolate bar and Lego blocks. There have been glittering coffins covered in fake jewels, a casket inspired by the movie “The Matrix,” and plenty of coffins depicting people’s favorite beaches and holiday spots. I know of at least two friends that were buried with and on their motorcycles. A waste of a good bike, but it was their choice. Gotta give this guy credits for creativeness. Good on ya mate.

Pay teachers better: A teacher and basketball coach at a North Carolina school was killed in a shooting after trying to rob the home of a Mexican drug cartel member, authorities said Wednesday. Barney Dale Harris and his brother-in-law, Steven Alexander Stewart Jr., were accused of robbing an alleged “stash house” last Thursday belonging to a member of the Jalisco New Generation cartel, one of the world’s most powerful drug trafficking organizations. Harris, was armed, wearing a bulletproof vest, and tactical gloves . The school is urging the staff and families to wear school Spirit Wear on Monday, April 12, to celebrate the life of Coach Barney Harris. Celebrate?? The guy was attempting an armed robbery, he was fully prepared to fight, and shot at least one man, whose hands and feet were bound, twice in the back of the head. I don’t think this is a man to celebrate.

Last week I heard those awful words, “I tested positive”. So I am on 10 days “quarantine” even though I tested negative. Since I do field work, there’s not a lot of “work from home” I can do. And I can’t travel to Hilo. This weekend sux. Period.

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