It’s Time For Thursday Motes


Wish I was wrong this time: Some time ago I commented on a Missouri judge giving the father custody of a child, even after the child stated he was molesting her. The judge also jailed the mother, for not telling the child to go quietly. Well, that appears to be only the tip of this freakin’ iceberg.  “PJMEDIA” has now printed an 11 part investigative report that indicates this travesty is deep, wide, and has been for a long time. The depth of human greed cannot be understood by mortals.

The people’s Pres: Joe Biden met with the Congressional Black Caucus in the Oval Office on Tuesday to discuss his infrastructure package and how he will allocate money to black communities. After mumbling for 3 minutes, Biden had enough and told the reporters to leave. A reporter quickly asked Biden, “Changing the way that African-Americans interact with police in this country during the Biden era, what can you deliver on, sir?” Biden responded by telling the reporters to leave the Oval Office: “A lot, and I’ll tell ya later, let’s go!” But you know, transparency and unity.

It’s all coincidence: A top military doctor revealed Sunday the Pentagon has developed a microchip that, when inserted inside the human body, can detect COVID-19. A retired Army colonel and infectious disease physician told CBS “60, Minutes” the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a top-secret military unit established during the Cold War, developed “subdermal implant” technology to prevent pandemic diseases from debilitating military resources. Let me see, implantable chip, cold war development,  and the information is presented by “60 Minutes”. Anybody got any spare conspiracy theories? Mine are all coming true.

Just Asking: Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) reacted to the police-involved shooting death of Daunte Wright, calling for an end to “policing, incarceration, and militarization.” So, if I throw a rock through her window, she won’t want me arrested? Right? Riiiggghhhtttt.

We don’t need no stinkin’ facts” : Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) on Monday suggested it is not possible for an individual to be “anti-racist” if they are against canceling student loan debt. Pressley tied canceling student loan debt to race, framing it as a way to “thank Black women.”“ You want to thank Black women?” she asked. “Cancel student debt — all of it. Black women carry more student debt than any other group in America.” I’d sure like to see some facts on that statement.

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