Dance on Wednesday Motes

It’ll get worse: Recently a report from Honolulu (Honolulu Civil Beat) shows the citizens have very little confidence or joy in their government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. The lack of confidence ranged from as little as 3-4% positive (Cost of Living; Cost of Housing) to a high positive of 25% (the County is acting in the citizens best interest). Let’s turn it around; 97% are unhappy with the cost of living, 77% are unhappy with “employment opportunities”, and 82% have little or no confidence in local government. How’s your town doing?

We have an answer: During the Presidential campaign Uncle Joe was asked if he was going to change the Supreme Court. He danced, bobbed, and weaved and never really answered. When asked didn’t the voters deserve to know his position Joe responded “No, they don’t deserve.” Now we know. “President Biden on Friday will order a 180-day study of adding seats to the Supreme Court, making good on a campaign-year promise to establish a bipartisan commission to examine the subjects of expanding the court or setting term limits for justices” The answer is yes, he will.

We know how she feels: Vicenta Escobar, 62, sells fruit from a stand on the streets in Peru’s capital, Lima. In every presidential election over the last four decades, she has chosen a candidate she believed in, in the hope that he or she would deliver change.Not this time, though. This Sunday, she plans to arrive at her polling station to vote — as is required by Peruvian law. But she will cast her ballot without making a single mark.“I’m planning on leaving it blank,” she said on Thursday afternoon. She was fed up, she said, with “all the lies and robberies.” Can you imagine what would happen if there was a “None Of The Above” on our ballots? (Some guy would change his name to NOTA.”

I am a big fan of Larry Correira’s “Monster Hunter International” books. I have all of them, in hard back, and most of them are signed. I really did not hold out much hope for the Amazon Prime movie “Monster Hunter”, and I was not surprised.  It was obviously a “adolescent-video game to movie” movie. It has lots of action, plenty of CGI, and it is completely predictable. I cannot recommend it for anything other than a mindless, beer filled Saturday matinee.

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