Monday Motes In The Wind

You know, unity and respect: A group of 10 Milwaukee Black Panthers invaded an Asian-owned nail salon and threatened it. “You do not disrespect black women from our community…. You do not disrespect Black Lives Matter…. You ever disrespect a black woman again, we’re going to shut you down.” Later, they returned, and police arrived.  Instead of protecting the Asian owner, a female officer spoke cordially with the Panthers, addressing their leader as “General”. Then left. Following these confrontations, the nail salon has been shut down, its retail space vacated, a business (and jobs) no longer in existence. All of this is on video recordings, boastfully posted to Facebook by the leader of the Panthers, who styles himself “King Rick” and who refers to Black female customers as “queens.”  Farmer took credit for the nail salon business closing down and expressed jubilation. But “they” are not Black Supremacists.

This is different: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday confirmed that Joe Biden speaks to Barack Obama “regularly and said it’s no one’s business what Obama and Biden talk about.” It just seemed like 37 people listened and recorded everything and everyone President Trump spoke to on the phone or in person.  And leaked it.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered. Change my mind? Doubtful.

Poor loser: A beauty queen contestant won the title of Mrs. Sri Lanka over the weekend — only to end up in the hospital with head wounds after Mrs. World ripped off her crown in a snit to bestow it on the runner-up. The current Mrs. World, Caroline Jurie, who is from Sri Lanka and was at the event, suddenly hopped on the stage and grabbed the microphone, claiming De Silva was actually divorced and thus disqualified from holding the title. Jurie then ripped the gold crown off De Silva’s head and put it on the runner-up, prompting tears and chaos, outlets said. Jurie has been arrested. Take that Steve Harvey.

We spend so much time inventing Artificial Intelligence, why not spend time on repairing Natural Stupid.

Hollywierd: Actor Morgan Freeman slammed people “refusing” to get the coronavirus vaccine, stating, “I will avoid you.” Well, that sure puts a crimp in my social planning.

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