Friday Motes, About Time

How about that V-P: Talk about standing up for your ideals. Yes sir, she don’t care if Uncle Joe wants her to do her job. No sir, she doesn’t  have to do anything he says. Especially go down to that nasty border and do something about those “immigrants”. No sir, not my V-P. (See what I did there?)

She has no idea: “The police, I think really believe and in some ways are led to believe that their greatest challenge and their greatest choir is to keep black people in their place.” Says the 81 y-o woman with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, has never actually held a real job, whose net worth is estimated at $2m and whose husband’s net worth is about $5m. Not bad for a “public servant”, Slapsy Maxy Waters.

Never heard it ‘splained any better. (mooseintheyard.blogspot)

Not a president: If Uncle Joe decides to use executive orders to circumvent the 2nd Amendment, allow lawsuits against firearms makers, and enact further Federal firearms regulations, he will be by-passing the legislative branch and he is not a “president”, he is a dictator.

If the cops are looking, don’t televise your cooking: After seven years on the run, Marc Feren Claude Biart was tracked down through a You Tube cooking channel he started with his wife, Italian Police said in a statement. The alleged gangster’s “love for Italian cuisine” — and tattoo ink — made his arrest possible, police said. Though he carefully hid his face, Biart failed to disguise his distinctive body tattoos, they added. He had been wanted for allegedly trafficking cocaine from the Netherlands since 2014, police said.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered. Her killer is known, but still uncharged.

Anti-Asian violence:  Is it only me, but it seems like every tv news video I see about “anti-Asian” violence, the violence is perpetrated by a black male against an elderly Asian. But we keep being told it’s “white supremacy” we need to be afraid of. Last week, two black teenage girls, killed and robbed an Uber Eats driver, two black teenage boys have been arrested for setting a white disabled man on fire and he died. But, it’s all about “white supremacy”. Huh?

Honolulu again this weekend, maybe I’ll get done what I didn’t do last week.

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