Thursday Motes To Think On

Dancing in the blood of innocents: The “gun control”  groups have no shame. The have enlisted the relatives of Pearl Harbor shooting victim Roldan Augustin. They are working with the “Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence”. Just to cover some history, a submarine sailor, Gabriel Romero, opened fire while on duty at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. He was “on-duty” security, in uniform, and used a government issued firearm to commit this attack. No civilian laws would apply in this incident. No laws that could be passed would have averted or prevented this action. But that won’t stop the “Brady” bunch from trying to disarm the rest of the nation.

Once again the “elite” are mad at a state they don’t live in: Georgia recently passed some voting laws. These laws only apply to Georgia. The usual Hollywierd’s have started, again, to scream and complain. None of them live in Georgia, but it’s “for all the people”. Please SDASTFU.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered. Change my mind.

Becoming the new “law”: Salem, Oregon, several black clad “antifa” thugs turned out to head off what the thought were a bunch of white supremacists, consisting of one old white man. His truck was pummeled by debris, shattering windows and hitting him. As he gets out of his truck, the terrorists peaceful protesters continue to throw objects at him as they close in. Surrounded and under direct threat, the old man draws his pistol and racks a round. Seconds later police come running in. Cops draw their weapons and order the old man to the ground. He tosses his gun into the bed of his pickup truck as he hits the ground, arms outstretched. Twitter users refer to the “far right” as being the cowards, yet apparently has no issue with gangs of able bodied 20’s somethings of antifa ganging up on an old man.

Chicago last weekend,36 shot, 4 dead. But doesn’t Chicago has strict gun control laws in place already?

This is a shame: A 58-year-old man who was facing execution for terrorizing an Idaho family — torturing and murdering a 9-year-old boy after also killing his brother, mom, and his mom’s boyfriend — has died of brain cancer, officials said. Thea shame is that this PoS was allowed to live 15 years after killing 8 people, 6 of them children, after being sentenced to death 3 times.. I hope is soul his in flames.

Rules for them, not for you: A plan to house migrant children from the surging crisis at the US-Mexico border will leave a Renton foster family with no place to call home. Edmundo Serena Sanchez said he and his wife were notified in February that they would have to vacate the Renton house where they have nurtured and raised Washington state foster children for nearly seven years. The couple have fostered about 20 children over the years in the spacious house along Lake Washington. The house is part of a campus of facilities owned by the Friends of Youth, a non-profit based in Kirkland with a 70-year history of providing services and housing for homeless and foster youth. So much for the Constitution. Then Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution reads as follows: “Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Oh, and Renton WA is 1,264 miles from the Mexican Border. But I haven’t heard a word from the MSM about the .gov bussing “children” across the country. Literally.

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