Hump Day Motes

  Some people have no shame: A Girl Scout troop leader from Ohio has been indicted for her alleged role in pocketing money from cookie sales and event fees. Jill Gauthier, of Pataskala, has been indicted for her alleged role in the theft.    Gauthier, 49, is said to have transferred $12,500 into her personal bank accounts in a span of about five years, according to an investigation. She    deserves an “adult-size timeout”, say 3 ½ to 5 years.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered. Why has no one had to answer for this murder?

Invalid Conclusion: “Americans are broadly in favor of regulations on assault weapons and background checks for gun purchases, a new poll finds”.  However, these measures are likely to only have a moderate impact on rates of violence. The poll conducted March 19-21 (after the shootings in Atlanta but before the shooting in Boulder), surveyed 1291 likely voters. So, they based this “conclusion” on .00003912 percent of the country. HUH? Remember what I say about polls. By asking the question in the right way, in the right location, I can make a poll say anything the guy that pays me wants it to say.

Sad Good-Bye: Larry McMurtry, the Texas-born novelist who authored Lonesome Dove, The Last Picture Show and Terms of Endearment and won an Oscar for co-writing the adapted screenplay for Brokeback Mountain, has died. He was 84. McMurtry was the author of 29 novels, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning Lonesome Dove, three memoirs, two collections of essays and more than 30 screenplays. He wrote five pages a day — no more, no less — on a manual typewriter. His talent will live forever in his pages.

Green future: Oahu ratepayers may face a significant increase in electricity costs in late 2022, as the island’s power company turns to oil temporarily to fill the gap when it shutters a coal-burning power plant now producing about one fifth of the island’s power. Anytime they say “may” you can replace it with “will” and always be accurate.

From “pjmedia”: “Nancy Pelosi Falsely Claims She Can Unseat ‘Any Member of Congress’ She Wants.” When the hell did an old crone, elected to “represent” (and I use that term in its widest meaning) the state of Calipornia, become the most powerful person in the country? When did she become the know all/be all of the U.S. legislative system? Why the hell are the people putting up with it? My head hurts.

The next cancel target?

Late news, a sad Goodbye: G.Gordon Liddy, 90. I was introduced to Liddy years ago by our mutual friend the late Tiger Wong. One year for Tiger’s birthday Liddy sent a video message of respect.He was a class Like Tiger, Liddy was a man of honor, courage, and respect. He will be missed.

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