Sunday Rant

I’ll continue Principles of Personal Defense next week. Unless I get PO’d again.

I am a white person. I am of mixed Native American and Irish decent, mostly Irish.

I am not a racist.  I do not like stupid people and azzholez, and they come in all colors.

 I am very tired of being painted with the “white supremacist” paint brush. I have worked all my life as did my mother and father.

My mother’s family split she and her 4 brothers during the depression and sent them to live with 4 different family members. Her parents couldn’t feed the family. So, I am really tired of the “white privilege” horse crap.

I turned 19 at the Cam Ranh Bay Enlisted Man’s Club, 20 on a hill with no name only a number, and 21 at Tripler Army Medical Center. Don’t tell me what a patriot is “really” like.

I am a conservative, but I don’t think Gates is trying to control the world. I don’t think Soros is behind a world child trafficking ring.

I do believe professional athletes are obscenely overpaid as are movie stars, but we live in a capitalist society so more power to them. Get what you can.

I have been cursed and threatened because I am white, and hated because I was wearing blue. I have been called vile names and had my family threatened because I was doing my job.

I may not like what you have to say, but it is your right to say it. It is also my right to object to what you say.

It is also my right to defend myself, and my family, from your words, actions, and assaults. It is not your right to attack me or my family because we don’t believe in the same things you believe.

I am a white person. I am not a racist.

You have a problem with that, GFY.

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