Motes For the Midweek

Looking through “stupid” tinted glasses: During an interview aired on Thursday’s “MSNBC Live,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reacted to concerns that corporations will raise prices if taxes on corporations are increased by stating that President Joe Biden believes people “know that corporations do not need to raise the cost of goods in order to pay more taxes and pay more of their fair share.” Sure, we know they don’t have to, but we know they will.

A new step: A transgender person is now one step closer to being crowned Miss USA. Kataluna Enriquez, a biological male, won the Miss Silver State USA pageant this week, an event considered the biggest preliminary competition for the Miss Nevada USA pageant, 

Not much mention: Lots of hohaha over the Atlanta shootings. A white man kills 8 people, including 6 Asian women working in “massage” parlors. Everyone starts screaming “white supremist” and “Asian hater”. What about the 18 people shot, 4 killed, in Chicago, just this weekend? How come no big out cry? Oh, it doesn’t fit the media’s working scenario. Never mind.

Ashli Babbitt was meandered. She threatened nobody. She was unarmed. Why hasn’t her murderer been named?

They do things different on the bayou: Travis Clark, a former priest who was arrested last October after a passerby allegedly saw him having sex with two corset-clad women on the altar of a Pearl River Catholic church pleaded not guilty Monday to a charge of institutional vandalism, a felony. The St. Tammany Parish District Attorney’s Office on Friday announced the charges for the unholy trinity, who were busted after a passerby saw them through a church window and reported them to police. Lesson; close the curtains when having kinky sex in church.

Not once: I still haven’t heard any of the talking heads ask about the “Biden Let Us In” t-shirts the “migrants” are wearing. I want to know; who paid for the shirts, printed the shirts, and distributed the shirts? And why did they do it?

When you are cleaning sharp pointy objects, the one word to remember is “SHARP”. Don’t ask me why I’m bringing it up.

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