Another Monday, Motes

Little more than an unpaid add: A story in Honolulu News Now last week announced; “Oahu bars gear up for St. Patrick’s Day with COVID restrictions, safety protocols.” Sort of make you think it’s about the local Irish themed bars, wouldn’t it? No, it was about one single bar, an unknown to me, Called the “Proof Social Club” (that just screams Irish doesn’t it) and its “covid protocols”. Not a single word about the Irish Rose, O’Toole’s or Anna O’Brien’s. The real Irish bars in Honolulu. Oh, I know why. They’re closed for forever due to the year-long “two-weeks to flatten the curve”.

Forever: Obummer blamed Bush for everything, for about 6 out of his 8 years. Uncle Joe is already blaming Trump for the border, economy, covid, and then taking the credit for the vaccines and their development. I figure Harris will blame Uncle Joe for at least 3 years.

Not conspiracy for you, but for me: Calipornia Gov Gavin Newsom can’t believe that normal people would want him out of office, so he’s constructed the idea that only QAnon conspiracy theorists, Proud Boys, and people “who want to put chips into migrants” have concocted his recall. All 2 million of them. Doesn’t matter the recall started well before anyone had ever heard of QAnon, or stormed the Capitol, but he proclaimed the conspiracy to the hosts ABC TV’s The View on Tuesday. And nobody challenged his remark. In addition to being deplorables’ s, the recall signers are “anti-maskers and the anti-vaxxers, not just the MAGA Trump donors”. The worse thought, he actually may believe this.

The people met at churches, ale houses, and in the open parks to plan their revolution. The King forbid it. What has your government forbidden? The King is worried.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered by a yet to be named D.C. Police Officer. She was unarmed. She had not assaulted anyone. Her murder was the ONLY shot fired during the “insurrection”.

I’m shocked I tell you: A Milwaukee County Children’s Court judge and former president and CEO of the Cream City Foundation, which runs the city’s drag queen story hour program, has been arrested on seven counts of child pornography. Brett Blomme, 38, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly uploading 27 images and videos of children being sexually abused on the messaging app Kik. Blomme is accused of uploading the images both from his home and from the judge’s chambers. What am I shocked about? How the hell did this guy get “elected” a Children’s Court Judge?

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