Moving Forward Thursday Motes

What is it I always say: Always speak and act as if someone is recording. Well, a “gospel” music star is now on the rocks from an audio recording of a conversation he had with his son. Remember Hulk Hogan, he was hung out to dry by his daughter recording a conversation. Always act as if they are listening, they Are.

Its funny, they can’t stop a virus, so we all have to mask up and avoid each other. But they can stop climate change if we all pay more in taxes. Huh?

I misread: All this time I thought it was “Alien vs Farrow”, not “Allen”. Well, come to think of it, Woody is a bit strange.

Who is what: Only in Americca can an ethnic group have Black Awareness Month, Black holidays, a Black National Anthem, Black only colleges with Black only graduations and dinning rooms, Black only dating sites, Black only bars and clubs and then turn around and call everyone else racist.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered. Plain simple fact.

Not the same: How come we keep referring to our “Afro-American” or our Black Vice-President? She is not “Black”. She is Asian-Caribbean. Not the same.

They got it wrong: I enjoyed the “Sons of Anarchy”, the story of the fictional three-piece patch outlaw biker gang. Even tho’ it’s been off the air for ten years, you still see click bait like “The 10 things SoA got right”, or “Rules that All SoA had to follow”. But they all avoid the biggest Fxxk up in the whole show. In the last season, the badazz “Tig” was having a relationship with “Venus van Dame” a transgender, hooker. Sorry guys, never going to happen. A club would have no problem with murder, extortion, running an “escort” service, assault, or sleeping with and running hookers. A trans-girl friend? No outlaw club would allow such a relationship. Yeah, they’re sexest and phobic, so what? In this country you’re still allowed to associate with who YOU want. You don’t have to associate with someone because someone else says you have to. Clubs’s make their own rules, that’s what makes them “outlaw”.  

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