Tuesday Motes TO Think Upon

What a difference a word makes: When I say “Cat Woman” you immediately get a visual of a long lean woman, great body, black form fitting body suit, looking hot., You don’t get the same image when someone says “Cat Lady”.

Not a thorough investigation: The fbi has arrested two men in connection with the death, not murder, of a D.C. police officer. Meanwhile, Ashli Babbitt was murdered, and her murderer still walks free and un-named.

That toddling town: Chicago had a heck of a weekend; 38 shot, 5 dead. Man, they really need to work on gun control, their hits to dead ration is way off.

And cell phones: We keep seeing these poor immigrants, just across the border, waiting for Uncle Joe to let them in. But nobody in the media is asking, where did all those brand new “Biden Let Us In” t-shirts come from? Who paid for them? How did they get distributed? Inquiring minds don’t work in the media.

Company is doa: The Hog, oops, Hogg pillow company has already failed. The name “Good Pillow” was never registered, the “logo” has been unchanged for several months and has not made a single pillow. Take that Mike Lindell. 

Headline: There’s more to St. Patrick’s Day then shamrocks and Guinness.” And I answered,” Isn’t that enough?”

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