Motes For Another Monday

Cancel yourself: First they came for Elmer. Then they came for Sam. It won’t end until we say “Enough.” If you’re offended by a horny, cartoon skunk with a “French” accent; go someplace else. This blog ain’t for you.

Exactly the same:  A task force appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to review and make recommendations to bolster security at the Capitol is recommending a dedicated “Quick Reaction Force” to be on permanent standby in the region. You know where else I saw a QRF for the capitol? That’s right, Saigon.

Newest not needed remake: “Kung Fu”. Kwai Chang Cane is now a female, lawyer, in San Francisco, and set today. Not needed.

It’s been done before: New York City fire officials are investigating an unsanctioned racy photo shoot firefighter held with an Instagram model. Vera Smirnova dropped by the Engine 8/Ladder 2 stationhouse on 51st Street in Midtown Manhattan for scantily-clad pictures with members of the department last Friday. Now this reminds me of the time EasyRiders Biker Mag printed some pictures of a naked woman posing on a Honolulu Police car. Internal Affairs naturally assumed it was from me and they really tried to find someone who could prove it. They couldn’t. It was.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered. Her murderer still walks free.

Really: Hillary Clinton said that it is was tragic to watch former President Donald Trump’s “negligence” on the coronavirus pandemic and “indifference” to the Black Lives Matter protests. Clinton said, “I hoped once in office, he would understand the enormity of the job, you know, have some of that sense of humility.” She also criticized Trumps behavior of the legitimate and peaceful protests following the killings of George Floyd and others. Humility? Legitimate and peaceful? I’d make a snarky comment, but I gotta clean up the nose coffee on my keyboard.

C+ for effort, F for execution: Prosecutors said Eric Dion Warren drove a vehicle loaned to him by a car dealership to rob a bank in Texas and brought the money back to try and use for a down payment on a new BMW at the same dealer, now he is headed to prison. Warren, who plead guilty to bank robbery has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.  Police found a painted pellet gun, resembling a real handgun, when they arrested Warren. In fact, he was turned in by the car lot salesman. There goes that commission.

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