Monday Motes. Again? Already?

Makes no sense: HBO is not pulling Woody Allen movies, despite the current documentary saying he molested and/or abused his children. HBO says the “viewers” can judge. However, several of the “Muppet’s” episodes have been removed by Disney because they are “adult”. Huh?

The law should be the law, and applied evenly to all. All are innocent until proven guilty by a preponderance of evidence. Not overwhelming sound and fury.

Here we go again: House Finance Committee Chairwoman Sylvia Luke said Monday she is determined to restore funding to a number of state programs the administration has targeted for cuts. Luke also said she is ready to consider increasing the state capital gains tax and boosting state income taxes on “higher-income residents” to raise money for the changes she wants to make.(Hawaii Civil Beat 2/24) And once again there is no definition of “higher-income”. Ige wants to tax the “wealthier” residents. He didn’t define that either.

No OSHA: At least 6,500 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka have died during the 10-year construction of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup facilities due to shoddy work conditions and lack of training. The shocking figure is likely grossly underestimated because no figures are available for migrant workers from Kenya of the Philippines.

Ashli Babbitt’s murderer is still unidentified.

Hang ‘em high: An Iranian woman who was sentenced to hang for the killing of her husband died from a heart attack, but was strung up anyway, according to her lawyer. The Times, U.K. reports Zahra Ismaili collapsed while waiting in line behind 16 other convicts for her turn to be executed. Ismaili’s attorney, Omid Moradi, said his dead client was hanged as a measure of deference to the victim’s family. Sorry, that’s just freakin’ barbaric.

A final thought: Let me see if I got this right; I’m walking your dogs, two guys drive up, shoot me 4 times, take two of the dogs, drive off leaving me to bleed out on the sidewalk, and you offer a reward for the return of the dogs “no questions asked.” I have that right? Get another walker, I’m done.

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