Weekend In Sight Motes

Well, that’s new and different: A group of conservative and libertarian students at the University of Chicago have recently launched the Chicago Thinker, an online news and opinion publication that aims to exercise and uphold the values of the school’s famous free speech Chicago Principles. “We demand not to be coddled,” its editors state on their about page. publication fights cancel culture, supports free speech. The Thinker, started in 2020, publishes news, opinion, analysis, pop culture reviews and cartoons. These kids will go far, if they’re tough enough.

On February 21st, 2021, Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt was laid to rest in the Pacific Ocean. As waves crashed and dogs kicked up sand on the beach, those closest to Ashli spread her remains in the Pacific Ocean. A beautiful array of colors and flower petals surrounded her as she was submerged into the salty water. A tornado of what seemed to be pure energy appeared to embrace her and carry her out to rest blissfully. Rest In Peace Senior Airman. Your watch is over.

“The Rock” For President: I met Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock”, back in the early 80’s while I was working for his grandmother Lia Maivia as a ring announcer and tv commentator for Polynesian Big Time Professional Wrestling. His dad, Rocky “Soulman” Johnson, appeared on several of our cards in an on-going feud with Allen “Bad News” Brown. I had developed a problem with one of the other staff members that resulted in some punches thrown in the back of the arena. Unfortunate, Rocky only saw me punching the other guy. He verbally jumped in my shat. He was giving me a severe chewing out, which included the words “out of here” when Dwayne, then about 14, stepped up, told his father he was “wrong” and told him I had simply been defending myself. He went on to describe how I had been “false cracked” and was only responding to the attack. Dwayne, who I had only met at several prior tv tapings, continued to tell his dad I was owed an apology by the other staff member, and maybe by his dad too. Rocky looked over at the other guy, jerked his thumb over his shoulder, and simply said “Out”. Not even looking to see if his command was being followed, it was, he looked at me and said he didn’t know the whole story and was sorry. He went on to compliment me on my performance that night and not to worry, he handle that other “problem”. I was always impressed with the way Dwayne had stood up to his Dad in the defense of someone he barely knew. Even then, you could tell there was something special about him. Rock for President? Eahhh, No.

Late night non-comedians: On 2/5 Kamala Harris made a comment about unemployed miners learning new jobs, reclaiming “landmines”. Funny? Appears not, not one single late-night joke. Not one. Also, no late-night jokes about Uncle Joe or Auntie Kamala. Not one.

I am a white, baby-boomer, ex-military, ex-cop, biker, heterosexual, monogamous, employed male. There, I said it.

So, it was only Trump: Jim Carrey is calling it quits on his “political cartoons”, a passion project that made waves during former President Donald Trump’s administration. Actually, no they didn’t. Carrey wrote on twitter that he’s stopping the cartoons, often dark caricatures of Trump and his supporters, to “reclaim a little neurological bandwidth”. In his statement Saturday, Carrey said it was important to call out Trump’s actions while he was president. But not Obama, Bush, Biden, or Harris. So he is biased.

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