Middle Motes

I know how he feels: A wanted man surrendered to police in West Sussex (U.K.) Wednesday because he didn’t want to spend another minute with the people he was living with during the COVID-19 lockdown. Inspector Darren Taylor, of the Sussex Police, shared the odd occurrence, claiming the unidentified man, who was “wanted on recall to prison,” was in pursuit of “peace and quiet” when he turned himself in. We can sympathize.

Snake in the toilet: An Alaska woman had the scare of a lifetime when using an outhouse in the backcountry and she was attacked by a bear, from below. Her brother heard the screaming and went out to the outhouse, about 150 feet away. There, he found Shannon tending to her wound. They at first thought she had been bitten by a squirrel or a mink, or something small. The next morning, they found bear tracks all over the property, but the bear had left the area. “It’s probably not that bad of a little den in the winter,” Shannon said. Except for the smell.

Ashli Babbitt; Her murderer is still unidentified.

Not a comedian, she’s not funny: In the latest episode of The Sarah Silverman Podcast, far-left actress and comedian Sarah Silverman attacked Jared Kushner, claiming that the former president’s son-in-law could play a Nazi in a film and adding, “he is not capable of empathy.” The statement came in response to a question from a caller expressing frustration with Kushner — a grandson of a Holocaust survivor — for not condemning Holocaust-themed apparel allegedly worn by some neo-Nazis during the storming of the U.S. Capitol. Just how much crap is anyone responsible to respond too? There are a lot of people wearing crap that I find offensive and stupid, but I can only make so many comments. Oh, by the way, Kushner was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize last month. Silverman has been nominated for, well nothing.

Remember the four rules: There are several lessons from a deadly confrontation in rural Washington state on the day before Valentine’s day. Chief among them being don’t steal other people’s political signs from their property, somebody might end up dead. Joshua Tryon, whose girlfriend Kamran was killed in a shooting erupting from such an “alleged theft”. It appears there was a physical confrontation between Tryon, Cohee, and the owners of the property, and sign, that somehow included the two “beating on the door with a wheelbarrow”. No charges have been leveled against Tryon, who started it all, engaged in a fight, and committed the apparent theft. Rule: Don’t do stupid things. Your life will be so much easier, and longer.

But adults only: This week, 45 years after it started, the release of “The Muppet Show” on Disney Plus just may bring some sorely needed happiness and relief to those who need it. Ultimately broadcast in 102 countries and dubbed in 15 languages, the Jim Henson-produced half-hour became the most popular televised comedy worldwide during its five-year run. I can recall bars in Waikiki that for all intents, shut down during that ½ hour. You only talked or ordered during the commercial breaks. The Muppet movies have become mainstays at my house when spirits are down. And of course, Kermit has kept up with the times. KERMIT WICK

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