Tuesday Motes of Unity

Only a radio dj: He was a Radio Racist, the Homophobe of the Airwaves, just a Sexist Pig, always the Purveyor of Misinformation, may he Rot in Hell, a Liar, a Cancer on the Radio, and Divisionary. The 15.5 million weekly listener’s, (average) are conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, Nazzi facisists, home grown terrorists, deplorables and should be sent to prison, re-education camps or put through wood-chippers. But you know, UNITY.

Fair and impartial: Nancy Pelosi’s pick to lead a Capitol security investigation in the wake of the Jan. 6 riot Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré publicly insulted Republican Sen. Josh Hawley calling him a “little piece of sh-t” and calling for him to “be run out of DC and Disbarred ASAP.” also said Hawley and Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas are “aaa hats” and “high order white privilege.” Honoré has a history of criticizing Republicans. Honore’, led military relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and we all know how well that went. Claiming,  “The President doesn’t understand the Constitution”, Honore’ says gov’t’s first mistake with Puerto Rico relief was not giving the mission to the military. Except, that would have been unconstitutional. Who doesn’t understand? And isn’t he the one who allowed the National Guard to confiscate citizen private firearms during that “relief effort”?

Ashli Babbitt; Remember her name. Her killer still walks free.

Your tax dollars are paying for this:

Senate Bill H. R. 484
“To prohibit the use of Federal funds for the commemoration of certain former Presidents, and for other purposes.

  • 1) create or display any symbol, monument, or statue commemorating any former President that has been twice impeached by the House of Representatives on or before the date of enactment of this Act or has been convicted of a State or Federal crime relating to actions taken in an official capacity as President of the United States on Federal public land, including any highway, park, subway, Federal building, military installation, street, or other Federal property; 2) or name, designate, or redesignate a Federal building or Federal land after, or in commemoration of, any former President that has been twice impeached by the House of Representatives.”                       But it’s for everyone’s benefit and they are there to represent you.  

We’re all equal: Portland police officers threatened to arrest a group of people recovering food thrown out by a grocery store after a power outage Tuesday afternoon, NBC News reported. Around 20 people were initially arguing with store employees about taking the food items and refusing to leave the property before law enforcement responded. A store employee told officials that the food was unfit for consumption and should not be donated because it had not been stored at proper temperatures. Probably has nothing to due with the 6 or 7 months of “peaceful protests” in that city.

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