He’s rich, that’s it: Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates argued in a recent interview published with MIT Technology Review Sunday the world should prepare for a plant-based future to avert climate catastrophe. That future includes 100 percent synthetic beef. Gates’ warnings come as the retired philanthropist promotes his latest book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” in which the climate activist details measures he says need to be taken to save the planet. By the way, I have exactly the same education on “Nutrition” and “Climate” that Gates does. Right, none. Actually, I finished college. Gates dropped out.

Ashli Babbitt; Remember her name. Her killer is still free and un-named.

Not hard, only look one way: It’s funny but the fbi can only find links between protesters and “white” extremists’ groups. I guess the Antifa dude in the very front was just a “journalist” or something.

All over my laptop: I spit coffee out of my nose at this headline; “Los Angeles schools eliminating some police officers for ‘school climate coaches.” No really, they are axing 133 officers and replace them with coaches who “will provide students with an advocate on campus who is trained and focused on implementing positive school culture and climate,”. “They will use “effective de-escalation strategies”. Boy, I can’t wait to see how this works.

I could have told them: According to the “”, women read minds better than men. Psychologists at the University of Bath, Cardiff, and London tested and statistically confirmed that the test was measuring the same thing in men and women, they found that females reported better mind-reading than males. They could have just asked any married man and saved a bunch of money.

Life ain’t fair: Mexico isn’t happy with the way coronavirus vaccines are being rolled out worldwide, saying the process favors rich countries while leaving poorer countries behind. “The countries that produce [vaccines] have higher rates of vaccination and Latin America and the Caribbean have much less,” Ebrard said. “It’s not fair,” he concluded. Just a question, how much $$ did the Mexican government, or any other government, contribute to “Operation Warp Speed” that created the vaccine in less than 12 months?

Every time someone says; “He’s just like Hitler.” All I can see is Dick Shawn as “Lorenzo St. DuBois (L.S.D.)” portraying Hitler in the “The Producers”. Hehehehehe

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