Almost Friday Motes

Make a hero out of the villain: The shooting of pro-Trump protester, Ashli Babbitt, remains under investigation by the DC Metropolitan Police, the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, DC, and civil rights prosecutors, a routine process for shootings involving the Capitol Police. It is confirmed by the lawyers for the Babbit family that the still unidentified “Capitol Hill Police Lieutenant” lawyered up since the shooting. The attorney for the shooter told reporters recently that their client’s “heroism and his restraint” saved lives. Yeah, I guess, he could have killed 10 or 12 other, unarmed civilians.

Springsteen arrest: You gotta ask why was the arrest kept quiet for 3-4 months? Then Jeep dropped the halftime commercial. Now, Steven Van Zandt went further, “winking” at a call for a mob contract on the arresting officer. I regret the loss of the right to Duel. These people would be more careful with their words if there were severe consequences, like death.

It will get worse: What will be the result of the Democrat-v-Republican tribalism? If it gets severe enough, it could get very bad. How bad? Think Hutu-Tutsi in Rwanda. I just watch a documentary called “The 600” and it was chilling and upsetting that neighbors ended up killing each other, because you know, “your tribe”. Their politicians went on “the media” and called for “re-education” and “stand to support”. The Hutu called the Tutsi things like “cockroaches”, and other things to de-humanize them. Crap, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

No, we don’t: Per Rep. Eric Swalwell the country needs a “White Nationalism Task Force” due to the Jan.6 “insurrection”. Not a word about “black nationalists”, “La Raza”, Antifa, BLM, or the sons of anarchy. Maybe he’s still suffering withdrawal from Fang Fang.

We may again: In the early days of the revolution, we met in churches, parks, schools, and taverns to discuss our “sedition” and “insurrection” against the King. Gee, what places are closed for people to meet? Right, but it’s for your “safety”, not for the “King’s”.

The silence of the many, will always be drowned by the sound and fury of the few.

A really sad Good-Bye. Sad to learn we have lost Rush Limbaugh, 70. His battle with Cancer was the stuff legends are made about. His influence on American Politics., sports, and Humanity went world wide. He was the associate of Kings, and the common man. He will truly sit at the Table of Heros. He will be missed.

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